KIKUSUIRO, one of the best restaurants in Nara, surrounded by World Heritage Treasures

News | 13/05/2019

If you had to compare Japan to Europe, then Nara will be the equivalent of Rome or Greece.

Nara is the birth place of Japan and still attracts a lot of visitors nowadays.


Kikusuiro, one of the best restaurants in Nara, is located in the Nara Park within walking distance to breathtaking world heritage places

such as the Todaiji Temple, Kofukuji Temple, and Kasuga Taisha Shrine.

If you are a bit lucky you might even meet a playful deer in the close by gardens.


In Kikusuiro you will be able to get in touch with true Japanese culture, as you enjoy its Japanese restaurant,

Western Restaurant and an Eel specialized restaurant, one of Japan’s top gourmet foods.




Not only that, Kikusuiro is also a popular venues for weddings, private parties and special dinners.

Maiko arrangement is possible in this venue.



Enjoy Japan’s four seasons in an historical building, built using the same constructions materials as Japanese temples !