From Hokkaido to Okinawa, Japan has many attractive places to visit. All of these places have their own unique features with different sceneries and events in each season. In this page, we will introduce the major regions of Japan and its highlights, from north to south. Let’s find out where you would like to visit!

The largest city is Sapporo, which is famous for the Sapporo Snow Festival held every February. The natural beauty of Hokkaido can be appreciated in any season, but especially Furano in summer offers the spectacular view of lavender. Fresh vegetables and seafood are also a must here.
The Tohoku region consists of six prefectures. It is famous for the rural landscape, mountains, lakes and hot springs. Enjoy outdoor summer activities and skiing in this vast land. Each prefecture has its own traditional summer festivals, and Aomori's Nebuta Festival is one example.
Aomori / Akita / Iwate / Yamagata / Miyagi / Fukushima
Kanto (Tokyo, Mt.Fuji, Hakone)
Japan’s capital and the biggest city, Tokyo, is located in the Kanto region. Surrounded by port cities like Yokohama, you can also find World Heritage sites, hot springs and spectacular nature in Nikko and Hakone.
Tokyo / Kanagawa / Chiba / Saitama / Ibaraki / Tochigi / Gunma
Hokuriku shinetsu
Visit the magnificent mountains of the Japan Alps, and enjoy the fresh seafood along the west coast of Japan. Niigata is also a famous skiing spot for its powder snow, don’t miss Kanazawa city too, which is the center for both historical attractions and modern museums.
Niigata / Toyama / Ishikawa / Fukui / Nagano
Japan’s tallest and most famous mountain, Mt. Fuji is here! Explore the old town in beautifully preserved Takayama city, and the ancient thatched-roof houses in World Heritage site Shirakawago.
Yamanashi / Shizuoka / Gifu / Aichi / Mie
This region is a must-visit for your first trip to Japan. Kyoto served as Japan’s capital in the past and was the emperor’s residence. There are numerous temples, shrines and other historically priceless structures in Kyoto and Nara. Don’t miss the spiritual Mt. Koya and the entertaining and tasty metropolis of Osaka.
Kyoto / Osaka / Shiga / Hyogo / Nara / Wakayama
Setouchi, San’in & Shikoku
Come around the Seto Island sea, enjoy the rural area and priceless nature here. Hiroshima is famous for the floating shrine in Miyajima. San’In is a less populated region, where you will find something which you can’t expect in other destinations, such as the massive sand dunes in Tottori prefecture.
Tottori / Shimane / Okayama / Hiroshima / Yamaguchi / Tokushima / Kagawa / Ehime / Kochi