Insurance company takes an unforgettable incentive tour

News | 05/04/2019

A top Spanish insurance company decided to organize an incentive trip for its employees and insurance agents choosing its location to be Japan.

They confided in NTA Japan to organize an unforgettable incentive tour of seven days between the classical Kyoto and the modern metropolis of Tokyo and it was a memorable experience.


NTA managed to offer a group of over a 100 participants a personalized experience that was as unique as one can imagine.

The journey began in the traditional Kyoto, a city which beautiful scenario is found nowhere else in the world.

Not only this group enjoyed the charming scenery they also tasted the most exquisite cuisine in selected restaurants reserved for them as part of this unique experience.

They enjoyed beautiful locations and gourmet food such as selected sushi created by the best sushi masters.


Riding the bullet train (Shinkansen) in a completely reserved car, was the best way to leave behind the traditional Kyoto and embrace the modern Tokyo.


In Tokyo they enjoyed their annual gala and award ceremony in one of the most beautiful banquet rooms around, entertained by different shows and a DJ party at the end.

But Tokyo is not only modernity and they also were invited to explore Japanese traditional arts such as Bonsai, Calligraphy and Tea Ceremony,

by themselves and guided by the knowing hands of great experts.


As a little sample of our attention to detail regarding our clients, each day they were presented with small presents in their rooms that had some added value of Japanese culture.

The most memorable one was on the last day dinner, a special occasion, the guests were gifted with beautiful Japanese yukatas, a cotton robe  lighter than a kimono,

and enjoyed a refined party at Meguro Gajoen with a final dance conducted by Geishas, a truly unique end enjoyed a refined party at Meguro Gajoen

As you can see in NTA we can offer  you an unique experience for your incentive trip !