Nippon Travel Agency Mail News August. 2014

| 2014/08/20 - 17:27

Nippon Travel Agency

Greetings from Japan and thank you for using NTA For Agent system!
!!! Our exclusive inventory for the second half of the year !!!


We are all set for the second half of the fiscal year 2014 !!

ALSO, do you realize period of around October here in Japan ?

We have not only cherry blossom in spring, but also another natural event, leaves turn to beautiful colors,,, giving a mystic atmosphere to some places.

To assist your travel, let me give you some tips:

【High recommended to visit】
Japan stretches from north to south about 3000 km so it comes slightly different area by area

Hokkaio: September ~ October

Tokyo: November ~ December ★

Hakone: November ~ December ★

Kyoto: November ~ December ★

Fukuoka: November
*Reference: Red leaves forecast 2013

Thankfully expecting so many guest visit coming Autumn leaves, therefore, please do NOT miss our exceptional new plans !!

First come, first serve !!!

||| Kyoto Royal Hotel and SPA – KYOTO |||

!! Walking distance from Shijo-Kawaramachi station !!

from 4,100yen/per person (2person/per room/ room only/ 22 days Early bird)

Access: 1 min. walk from Kyoto Shiyakusyo St. of Subway.
Star Rate: 4★
Room type: Double bed room

Book now

||| Shinagawa Prince Hotel – TOKYO |||

!! The complex features and sporting felicities included !!

from 8,800yen/per person (2person/per room/ room only)

Access: 2 min. walk from Shinagawa St. of JR Tokaido Shinkansen
Star Rate: 4★
Room Type: Main Tower Twin 2

Book now

||| Shunkoso – Hakone Yumoto (Mt.Fuji area) |||

!! One of the oldest and largest spa town resorts in the Hakone !!

from 13,400yen/per person (2persons/per room/ with Braekfast and dinner)

Access: 5 min. courtesy bus from Hakone Yumoto St. of Odakyu.
Star Rate: 3.5★
Room Type: Japanese room

Book now

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