News | 31/08/2016



Last spring, one of the global leading software companies came to Tokyo. For this occasion, 130 participants from 81 countries met in the capital city of Japan and enjoyed some unique sightseeing.

They visited the company ‘Cyberdyne’ that developed a robot-assisted suit for humans and they had the chance to watch the Award Giving Ceremony. At Cyberdine every guest got to wear a robot-assisted suit called HAL.

In addition, they enjoyed a rickshaw ride around Asakusa before taking part in our sushi experience. During this activity, the guests prepared sushi under the supervision of a sushi chef and then, they got to eat their freshly made sushi.

The robot restaurant was another highlight of their trips. The guests were really excited by the show which got them give out many ‘WOWs’.

On the laclubst day, we held a dinner party at a famous night club in Roppongi, aka ‘the city that never sleeps’. After diner, many guests went out and stayed up all night long.

All the activities were very fun and they could have never experienced them anywhere else but in Tokyo.

In overall, they were fully satisfied with their short stay in Tokyo.