Japan is the ideal destination for Incentive Tour

News | 07/09/2016

Recently, Japanese Inbound Business has been growing a lot. The 2011 earthquake had a really negative impact on the Japanese Inbound Tourism industry. However since the past two years, it has been recovering more than very well and apparently, it is not going to stop here. According to Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), the number of visitors to Japan in 2015 reached the record of 20 million. That is a 47% increase compared to the previous year.

At Nippon Travel Agency, we handle many incentive tours throughout the year. Thanks to our field experience, we came to understand the reasons why foreign organizers choose Japan as a destination:

1. Strong will to understand and learn about Japanese culture and history.

2. Japanese ‘weird culture’ of Otaku, Cosplay, etc. as well as technological innovations.

3. Deep interest in Japanese cuisine, either high-end (Kaiseki, Teppanyaki) or more casual food (Ramen, etc.)

4. Safety Reasons (Middle Eastern and European countries tend to be avoided because of terrorist risks)

We perfectly understand these reasons and we want to bring solutions for those engaged in the travel industry. Japan has one of the best cuisines, cultures, safety and cutting-edge technologies. The atmosphere is also very unique. Those are the points that make Japan so attractive to tourists.

Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games are coming up in 3 years, which will attract even more people from now on. Why don't you bring your precious clients to Japan before 2020!?