Episode of Incentive tour with 600 pax from Spain

News | 24/08/2015

NTA handled a big incentive group of 600 Spanish people. It was one of the biggest tours that we had to handle in the past decade.

Rapidly, we organized a special team to work on this project and examine every last detail. During the tour, we really did our best to be always prepared no matter what and we are glad to say that it paid off. For example, we planned a Gala dinner and an Award Ceremony in the Kyoto convention center. The event was scheduled to finish at 11.30 pm but it ran later than expected and we got advised during the evening that it might finish at 12:00 am. The contract with the bus company had already been settled and the conditions were very strict. When it came to the schedule, no flexibility was possible. Eventually, we managed to speed up the end of the event with the organizer. It was a real relief, even though we obviously had a B plan and arranged a sufficient number of taxis just in case.


In the program, we had planned a sightseeing day. Our clients requested to see and cross the famous ‘Shibuya Crossing’. Due to the heavy traffic at the intersection, coaches are actually not allowed to park in the area. Thanks to a successful negotiation, we eventually arranged to be dropped by bus near the intersection. Over 20 NTA staff guided the clients through the crowded area. Everything went very smoothly - even though the crossing was packed - and we are very proud that no one got lost in the human sea.

On the last day, we drove our happy and satisfied clients back to Narita airport. After the check-in, our 5 staff - together with the 20 Spanish speaking guides - shaped a human arch with their arms and let the travel agents walk through while screaming their names. The fulfillment and delight we felt at the end of the tour was truly incredible.