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Yukiguni no yado TAKAHAN (雪国の宿 高半)

ONSENOpen-air bathLarge commual bathW-Fi

Apeal point!
Free shuttle from/to GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort: About 13 min.
This ryokan is the oldest ryokan in Yuzawa Hot Spring area. It stands on high ground; therefore, you can see great views. There is a reference room that many guests are satisfied with in this ryokan. In addition, this ryokan is famous for Yasunari Kawabata's writing novels. Our guests can see the room where he stayed for free.
Hotel grade
Standard Ryokan
Check in
14:00 (normally 15:00)
Check out
11:00 (normally 10:00)
About 5min. by car from JR Echigo-yuzawa Sta.
150 people
Guest rooms
34 rooms