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Akakura Hotel (赤倉温泉 赤倉ホテル)

ONSENOpen-air bathLarge commual bathW-Fi

Apeal point!
About 3 min. walk to Akakura Onsen Ski Area    About 10 min. walk to Akakura Kanko Resort & Spa
Situated on a rising ground halfway up the Myoko plateau, centrally in Akakura hot spring village. White-walled 5-story building in the broad loan garden surrounded by the white birch stands out conspicuously. All rooms have magnificent outside vew. Offers variety of room type. Popular ones are SA type where Japanese-style room with an adjoining salon, RA type where Japanese-style room with an adjoining lobby. Serves original compromise between Japanese and foreign cooking banquet dishes. Hotel named one of the most reliable in the region.
Hotel grade
Standard Ryokan
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About 6 min. walk from Akakura Hot Spring Bus Stop
284 people
Guest rooms
68 rooms

7 Nights Plan