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Youth Hostel


  • Room type: dormitory, Western style, Japanese style
  • Room rates: 3,000¥ – 5,000¥ (reference only)

Usually, Youth Hostels provide accommodation for young travellers, but general tourists and adults are also welcome.
There is only a few number of facilities itself but they can be found across the country. Staying at a Youth Hostels is popular with student groups, travellers who want to keep down costs and those who seek communication with other travellers.


There are no private bathroom and toilet within the guest rooms; these facilities are usually shared with the other visitors of the hostel. It is necessary to bring your own toothbrush and towel, which are generally not provided at a Youth Hostel. Buffet-style basic meals are available at your service.

Guest rooms

Separated dormitory-style rooms for men an woman equipped with bunk beds in most cases are common. There are also places where accommodation is prepared by laying out Futons in a large Japanese-style room. Generally the capacity of dormitory style guest rooms is about 6-8 people. Some places offer Single or Twin rooms at a higher rate for student instructors or guests who prefer some more privacy.

Important notes when staying at a Youth Hostels

  • If you want to charter the whole hostel, fees for the unused rooms will also be added.
  • Apart from the beds, all spaces in the Youth Hostel are publicly shared among all guests.