NEW TOURSThis tour combines all the popular sightseeing spots in Chugoku and Shikoku area.ITINERARYDay1KANSAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - OSAKAArrive at Kansai International Airport.Transfer to hotel (or nearby bus stop) by airport bus.  《Travel Time appx. 50〜70min.》Day2OSAKA - YUDA ONSENTransfer to JR Shin-Osaka Sta. by yourself.Transfer to Hagi Bus Center by bullet train and bus (change bus at JR Shin-Yamaguchi Sta.). 《Travel Time appx. 190min.》Transfer to Shin-Yamaguchi Sta. by bus. 《Travel Time appx. 60min.》Transfer to JR Yuda Onsen Sta. by local train. 《Travel Time appx. 18min.》Day3YUDA ONSEN - MIYAJIMA - HIROSHIMAHIROSHIMA CITY (HIROSHIMA Prefecture)Transfer to JR Yuda Onsen Sta. by yourself.Transfer to JR Hiroshima Sta. by JR local train and bullet train (change trains at JR Shin-Yamaguchi Sta.). 《Travel Time appx. 65min.》Transfer to Miyajima Pier by local train and ferry   (change ferry at Miyajimaguchi Pier). 《Travel Time appx. 40min.》Transfer to JR Hiroshima Sta. by ferry and local train (change trains at JR Miyajimaguchi Sta.). 《Travel Time appx. 40min.》Yuda OnsenMiyajimaHiroshimaOkayamaOsakaKansai AirportDogo OnsenKonpira OnsenWorld HeritageDay4HIROSHIMA - DOGO ONSENTransfer to Hiroshima Port by yourself.Transfer to Matsuyama Kanko Port by high-speed boat. 《Travel Time appx. 70min.》Transfer to Dogo Onsen Sta. by local train. 《Travel Time appx. 20min.》Day5DOGO ONSEN - KONPIRA ONSENTransfer to Dogo Onsen Sta. by yourself.Transfer to Matsuyama Sta. by local train. 《Travel Time appx. 20min.》Transfer to JR Kotohira Sta. by express train. 《Travel Time appx. 150min.》Day6KONPIRA ONSEN - KURASHIKI - OKAYAMATransfer to JR Kotohira Sta. by yourself.Transfer to JR Kurashiki Sta. by express train and local train (change trains at JR Okayama Sta.).《Travel Time appx. 80min.》Transfer to JR Okayama Sta. by local train. 《Travel Time appx. 17min.》Day7OKAYAMA - OSAKATransfer to JR Okayama Sta. by yourself.Transfer to JR Shin-Osaka Sta. by bullet train. 《Travel Time appx. 45min.》65Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter (In Okayama)Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter was chosen as the most picturesque merchants' quarter in Japan. When the shogunate took control of the area about 300 year ago, a magistrate's office was established and the town and its canal were developed into a trade center.Hagi Castle Town (In Yamaguchi)Hagi Castle Town was also systematically constructed. The districts where samurai and merchants lived was strictly divided, and Hagi prospered as the center of politics, administration and economy of the Hagi Domain for the next 260 years.Kotohira-gu Shrine (In Kagawa)Kotohira-gu Shrine, which honors the spiritual guardian of seafarers, has been a place of faith since long ago. There are 785 stone steps to climb before you reach the main shrine.ACCESSDogo Onsen (In Ehime)Dogo Onsen is one of Japan's most famouse spas. Dogo Onsen Honkan (public bath) is a symbol of Dogo Onsen. The main building constructed its three-level wooden tower will celebrate its 123rd anniversary this year. in 1894, and World HeritageItsukushima Shrine 写真提供:広島県 (In Hiroshima)The concept of this shrine standing in the sea represents an attempt to symbolize The Mythical Ryugu-Jo (Dragon Palace) in honor of the enshrined goddess of the sea.ACCESSAppx. 14min. from Miyajima PierDay1Day3YUDA ONSEN (YAMAGUCHI Prefecture)KONPIRA ONSEN (KAGAWA Prefecture)OKAYAMA CITY (OKAYAMA Prefecture)Osaka Castle (In Osaka)Osaka Castle is the symbol of Osaka and a famous sightseeing spot. It contains thirteen structures which have been designated as Important Cultural Assets by the Japanese government.ACCESSAppx. 18min. from JR Osakajo Koen Sta.A-bomb Dome (In Hiroshima)In 1996 at UNESCO's 20th World Heritage Committee Convention in Merida, the Atomic Bomb Dome was listed as a World Heritage site, a building that represents the total devastation. caused by nuclear weapons.Appx. 15min. from JR Hiroshima Sta.ACCESSACCOMMODATIONDOGO ONSEN (EHIME Prefecture)OSAKAAppx. 20min. from JR Kotohira Sta.Day2Day4Day5Day6ROUTE MAPDay3 SUGGESTION OF NEW TOURS AROUND CHUGOKU・SHIKOKU 7DAYS

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