B:Breakfast L:Lunch D:Dinner¥ 11,400/person¥ 21,600/person¥ 26,000/person¥ 29,200/person1234(SAPPORO, SOUNKYO, ABASHIRI, KAWAYU, AKAN, KUSHIRO 7-DAYS)(SAPPORO, SOUNKYO, ABASHIRI, KAWAYU, AKAN, KUSHIRO 7-DAYS)Brush up your Japanese here,Brush up your Japanese here,and then travel around withand then travel around withuseful phrases of Japanese.useful phrases of Japanese.sruoT etavirP deduGBUSBUSBUSBUSi*Every course starts on Monday. (except local public holiday) *Minimum learning period is 1 week.We make it possible to join the short-term course by weekly basis.Placement test on the first day will assign you to the appropriate level.If this is the very first time for you to learn Japanese,beginner courses will start every first Monday of the month.INCLUDEDHotel (Western style room) : Sapporo. Ryokan (Japanese room) Sounkyo, Abashiri, Kawayu, Akan, Tokachi.Meal : Daily breakfast. Dinner except Sapporo and Kushiro.Guide : Private guide through-out the itinerary except Day1.Car : Private car through-out the itinerary, except Day 1. Train : Ordinary class reserved seat from Kushiro to Sapporo.Bus : From Chitose Airport to Sapporo.NOT INCLUDED1. Insurance 2. Airport tax 3. Beverage during dinnerSapporoSapporoFar from the bright lights and glitter of Tokyo, is the unique island of Hokkaido.It is an island filled with spectacular natural environments, and offers many enjoyable outdoor activities all year round. Whether it be skiing in Niseko, white water rafting in Tokachi, cruising around World Heritage listed Shiretoko Peninsula, or learning about the ways of the Ainu people, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Hokkaido.Each person brings a new delight to enjoy in Hokkaido. With beautiful lavendar fields in Furano to enjoy in summer, spectacular colored leaves near Sounkyo in autumn, drift ice floating along the shore near Abashiri in winter, and lovely cherry blossoms in Hakodate in spring, there is never a dull moment.w/Breakfast¥ 8,800/person¥ 11,400/person¥ 16,500/person¥ 21,600/personNightsw/Dinner & BreakfastLow SeasonHigh SeasonLow Season: Arriving in Jan., Mar., Apr., May, Jun., Sep., Oct., Nov., Dec.High Season: Arriving in Feb., Jul., Aug.ITINERARYACCOMMODATIONDay1SAPPORO (ARRIVAL)SAPPOROArrive at Chitose Airport (or JR Sapporo station). You will be met by a NTA representative and helped to board an airport bus.  Transfer to your hotel by bus.Stay at Hotel Monterey Sapporo or similarDay2SAPPORO - SOUNKYO (B/D)SOUNKYOBreakfast at your hotel. Today, meet your guide who will travel with you throughout Sapporo on Day 7. Transfer to Sounkyo Onsen, the gate way to Daisetsuzan, Japan's largest national park (2309 sq km) by private car. (Travel Time 300min.)  Upon arrival, you will take a walk to discover two waterfalls, Ginga-no-taki and Ryusei-no-taki. Dinner at your ryokan. Stay at Sounkyo Choyo Resort Hotel or similarDay3SOUNKYO - ABASHIRI (B/D)ABASHIRIBreakfast at your ryokan. Transfer to Abashiri by private car. (Travel Time 240min.) After arrival, you will visit Abashiri Prison Museum and Ohotsuku Ryu-Hyo Museum (Museum of Ice Floes). Dinner at your ryokan. Stay at Hotel Abashiriko-so or similarDay4ABASHIRI - KAWAYU ONSEN (B/D)KAWAYU ONSENBreakfast at your ryokan. Transfer to Kawayu Onsen by private car. (Travel Time 180min.) You will go through Bihoro Pass, where you have a wonderful view over Kussharo Lake. Kussharo Lake is one of the main lakes of Akan National Park, and is famous for its volcanically warmed sands. You will vitsit Sunayu Onsen, a stretch of hot sand along the edge of Kussharo Lake. Dinner at your ryokan. Stay at Kawayu Dai-Ichi Hotel Suikazura or similarAKANDay5Breakfast at your ryokan. Transfer to Akan National Park, huge park (905 sq km) with volcanic peaks, large caldera lakes and dark forests. You will stop at Io-zan (Mt. Io), a hellisha mountain with steaming vents. And then visit Mashu Lake which is Japan's most beautiful lake that has the world record for water clarity with visibility of 35 m. Dinner at your ryokan. Stay at Akan Yukunosato Tsuruga or SimilarTOKACHIDay6AKAN - KUSHIRO - TOKACHI (B/D)Breakfast at your ryokan. Transfer to Kushiro by private car. You will spend nearly whole day in Kushiro Shitsugen National Park, the largest undeveloped wetland (269 sq km), nearly same size as Tokyo. Stop at Kushiro Marsh, Kottaro Marsh and Hosooka Observatory to see their different species of wildlife. Stay at Tokachigawa Onsen Daiichi Hotel or similarDay7TOKACHI - SAPPORO (B)Breakfast at your hotel. Transfer to Sappro by private car. Sightseeing in Sapporo on foot. Odori Park/ Clock Tower. *Sightseeing in Sapporo might be arranged on Day 1, depending on the time of your arrival. For details, please ask NTA. Your guide will assist you with any arrangement that follows this tour. 2 Adults(Twin)¥620,000¥650,000Effective course curriculumIn the short term course, we focus on the expressions which are necessary to communicate in Japanese. For example, we teach honorable and polite expres-sions that are fluently used in the earlier phase of the lesson although it is gram-matically difficult.Japanese Culture Exchange ProgramsWe have various cultural events through a year. You can join and experience the Japanese traditional and modern culture programs.3 Adults(Triple)¥478,000¥484,000Black out:*1-3 Jan., 23-31 Dec.Homestay is available at:*Tokyo・Yokohama・Osaka・Kyoto・KobeCancellation Policy*Cancellation fee will be charged from 30days prior to first day of Homestay.4 Adults(2twin)¥386,000¥417,000CODEM-7Rates are per person/package. *Same prices apply for adult and child.*Tax included.*Transfer & pick up service are available. (Additional cost)*Price for 5nights or longer, please ask your travel agent.*Regardless of homestay period, handling fee of ¥13,000/person (non-refundable) is required as an extra cost.Staying in a Japanese home will give you a chance to learn about the culture, language and customs from an angle not seen from the outside. It can be tough to make Japanese friends and acquaintances while studying in Japan without a chance to “get your foot in the door” (or kikkake as they say here). Wouldn’t you love to make your own “home away from home” in Japan?Farm-tomitaKawayuKawayuSounkyoSounkyoAbashiriAbashiriAkanAkanKushiroKushiroChitose AirportTokachiHokkaido is the northernmost of the country's four main islands, where the summers are refreshing and humidity-free and the winters provide excellent snow fields. You will discover their amazing sceneries with sweeping vistas, wildlife and breathtaking natures. The starting point is Sapporo, Japan's fifth-largest city has exciting nightlife.Your journey then progresses to Sounkyo, the heart of Hokkaido in the middle of Daisetsuzan National Park. You then travel to the Eastern Part of Hokkaido with volcanic mountains and lakes.Let us show you the beauty of this island with our exclusive M-7 package at any season!HokkaidoWhat is included in the Homestay Fees?*Orientation *Registration/Application Fees *24hrs Emergency Support*Accommodation Fees (2 meals or 1 meal a day included)Japan Quality Homestay Support PackageTOUR PRICESKAWAYU ONSEN - AKAN (B/D) 24Intensive course in Japanese is available!Intensive course in Japanese is available!inROUTE MAPROUTE MAP DISCOVER HOKKAIDODISCOVER HOKKAIDOLet’s get started Let’s get started learning Japaneselearning JapaneseHomestayJapanHomestayHomestayJapanJapan

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