¥335,000¥245,000B:Breakfast L:Lunch D:DinnersruoT etavirP deduGBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSTAXITAXIBUSBUSiKyushu - the land of volcanoes, misty mountains and ancient myths.This region is famous for its beautiful landscape, hot springs, historical sites and culinary delicacies.The starting point is Fukuoka, Japan's gateway to the Korean Peninsula and Asian mainland.Your journey then progresses to Nagasaki where you will learn about the dramatic atomic conclusion to the Second World War.You will then ascend the heights of the Unzen plateau and enjoy the wonders of a natural spa.You then travel across the Ariake Sea to the City of Kumamoto and its castle. Next, you traverse Kyushu as you head for Beppu, you can not fail to admire the stunning landscape and you will visit the active volcanic crater of Mt. Aso.Beppu is one of the worlds most geothermally active regions and has over 100 million liters of water a day gushing from its 3000 springs.After an opportunity to bathe in its water or its hot sands you will return to Fukuoka.Fukuoka(Hakata)NagasakiNagasakiUnzenUnzenKusasenri<Private car option> (Airport transfer & Sightseeing by private car)Day5KUMAMOTO - MT. ASO (active volcano) - BEPPU (D)Transfer to Mt. Aso by bus. Sightseeing in Mt. Aso using private car.Aso Super Ring / Aso Volcano Museum / Aso ShrineTransfer to Beppu by bus Dinner at your ryokan.Stay at Hotel Shiragiku (Japanese room/Beppu Onsen) or similarDay6BEPPU - HAKATA (FUKUOKA) (B)Breakfast at your ryokan. Sightseeing in Beppu using taxi.Visit the steaming and boiling mud "Jigoku" hot springs.Travel to Hakata by express train , where your guide will assist you with any arrangements that follow this tour.Mt. Aso - CalderaFukuokaAirportBeppuBeppuShimabaraShimabaraMt.AsoMt.AsoKumamotoKumamotoStay at Azumaen (Japanese room/Unzen Onsen) or similarKUMAMOTOStay at Hotel Nikko Kumamoto or similarBEPPUINCLUDEDHotel : Fukuoka (1night), Nagasaki (1night)Unzen (1night), Kumamoto (1night), Beppu (1night)Meal : Dinner and Breakfast at Unzen and BeppuGuide : Private guide (except Day1)Train : Ordinary class reserved seatOthers : Bus from Nagasaki - Unzen-Shimabara port, and from Kumamoto - Beppu (via Aso). Ferry from Shimabara port - Kumamoto. Local transfer and admission fees (when with guide). BREAKFAST SUPPLEMENT Per person / package¥8,3002 Adults(Twin)¥444,000Private car3 Adults(Triple)¥354,0001-2 paxMt. Aso is the largest active volcano in Japan, and is among the largest in the world.Mt. Aso has one of the largest caldera in the world, the circumference of around 120km.The present caldera formed as a result of 4 large erruptions occurred more than 90,000years ago.4 Adults(2twin)¥304,0003-4 paxCODEM-4Rates are per person/package. ACCOMMODATIONFUKUOKAKumamoto CastleBeppuOura TenshudoHakataAzumaenAzumaenTOUR PRICESITINERARYDay1FUKUOKA (HAKATA)(ARRIVAL)Arrive at Fukuoka Airport (or JR Hakata station).You will be met by a NTA representative and helped to board a bus or subway to Hakata station. Upon arrival, make your own way to your accommodation.Stay at Hotel Nikko Fukuoka or similarDay2FUKUOKA - NAGASAKINAGASAKIToday, meet your guide who will travel with you throughout Fukuoka on day 6.Visit Tenjin area / Dazaifu TenmanguTransfer to Nagasaki by train (Travel Time 180min.). Stay at Hotel New Nagasaki or similarDay3NAGASAKI - UNZEN (D)UNZENSightseeing in Nagasaki using public transport. Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum / Peace Park / Oura Tenshudo (Catholic church) / Glover HouseTransfer to Unzen Onsen by bus.Dinner at your ryokan.Day4UNZEN - SHIMABARA - KUMAMOTO (B)Breakfast at your ryokan.Visit the Jigoku (Hell) Valley.Transfer to Shimabara port by bus , and then on to Kumamoto by ferry. Sightseeing in Kumamoto using public transport. Suizenji Park / Kumamoto Castle.22(FUKUOKA, NAGASAKI, UNZEN, KUMAMOTO, BEPPU 6-DAYS)(FUKUOKA, NAGASAKI, UNZEN, KUMAMOTO, BEPPU 6-DAYS)ROUTE MAPROUTE MAPDISCOVER KYUSHUDISCOVER KYUSHU

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