Depending on the Wagashi, big appliances such as boilers (used for steaming), ovens (for baking), flat pan (thick copper plate to bake the surface of Wagashi) are frequently used, but when making Namagashi (Nerikiri, Konashi, Kinton, etc.), in addition to the craftsman’s hand technique, “bamboo spatula” and other small tools are used. Small tools enable the craftsman to make delicate seasonal Wagashi.
Now, focusing on the characteristic of tools, we will show you the technique of making four kinds of typical Wagashi (Nerikiri, Kurimushi-yokan, Yakiayu, Uchigashi, and Kinton).
In some Wagashi shops you can observe how Wagashi is made, though the number of attendees are limited, so please contact us if you are interested.

  • Nerikiri


  • Kurimushi-yokan


  • Yakiayu


  • Uchigashi


  • Kinton