When people see “Wagashi” shaped as seasonal flowers and scenes, many people say “it’s too good to eat.”, “artistic”, and hope to make the Wagashi.
Answering these requests, Japan Wagashi Association holds a class for making Wagashi, inviting 240 guests every year.
It is a very popular event open to the public and attracts more than 3000 applicants for the 240 participants.
On the day, they experience making 6 pieces of three kinds of “Nerikiri”. After making, every participant says “that was fun”, “it was a good experience”, and “I want to challenge again” with broad smiles carrying the sweets they made as a souvenir.

Mr. Chikara Mizukami

Here, you can see the Video featuring guests from overseas experiencing hand making Wagashi with the instruction of Mr. Chikara Mizukami who opened his own Wagashi shop in 1973.