As Wagashi refers to “tea sweets”, tea and Wagashi are deeply related to each other.
Having a break with tea or with tea and Wagashi is one of our daily pleasures, just like having a coffee break in foreign countries, but other than this, there is a custom of hospitality called “ cha no yu“ in Japan.
The Japanese tradition of “tea ceremony”, which is said to have been perfected by Sen-no-Rikyu in the Azuchi Momoyama period, emphasizes spirituality such as Wabi Sabi. Both the inviting side and the invited side value “beautiful behaviors that treat each other with respect”, and in pursuing that manner developed many different styles.
Regardless of style, “Cha-no-Yu” is a tea ceremony with Japanese sweets and cherishes the spirit of hospitality.
It is one of the Japanese customs that is widely enjoyed by the general public.

Ms. Chisato Nakamiya

Here, we will show you a Video of tea ceremony by the host, Ms.Chisato Nakamiya who is qualified as a member of excellent Wagashi craftsmen, inviting some guests from overseas.