Japan Coronavirus Situation: The governments’ test run will start

Travel Restrictions

Basically, there is no change in the travel restrictions, but we have some updates regarding the vaccine passport holders!

All foreign nationals are not allowed to visit Japan for tourism purposes for the time being unless there are special circumstances. Visitors to Japan (including Japanese nationals) must submit a certificate of negative test result within 72 hours before departure. In addition, all visitors will continue to be subject to take the PCR test at the time of entry, stay at home or a hotel, and not use public transportation within Japan for 14 days at the moment. Please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for the latest border enforcement measurement (as of October 11).

From October 1, Japan has shortened the quarantine period for the vaccine passport holders (issued or recognized by Japan) from 14 days to 10 days. Also, the travelers from countries/regions with the high concern of the confirmed coronavirus variant previously had to spend the first 3 days of the 14 days at the designated place, but now it is not necessary if the traveler is vaccinated. These only apply to people in special circumstances at the moment, but the relaxation of the quarantine rules will be the first step of the travel reopening (Kyodo News). Please check the latest update about the vaccine passport holder’s condition from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (Japanese only).

The Japanese government keeps negotiating with each country to relax the quarantine measures upon entering foreign countries from Japan with vaccine passports. The covered country has now increased to 47 (as of October 13), and you can check the latest list of countries from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (Japanese only). You can learn the condition of the available vaccination certificate from the Ministry of Health.

Situation in Japan

The governments’ test run will start in the domestic travel industry using vaccination and negative certificates. The trial will be started for 38 groups supported by 11 travel agencies from November 14 (The Japan Times). Various travel campaigns are being considered for launch, signaling a start of travel resumes.

From October 1, the state of emergency has finally been lifted in all prefectures in Japan! With the reopening of restaurants and facilities, the cities have started to get back to ordinary life that people have waited for a long time. To prevent an infection rebound, restaurants are asked to close at 8 pm in principle and for certified restaurants with infection control measures at 9 pm for one month after the declaration lifted (The Nikkei Asia).

With the lift of the state of emergency, the government has started practical experiments in restaurants, sports stadiums, live music venues, and theaters in 13 prefectures. The government's goal is to learn how to smoothly check if people are fully vaccinated or tested negative and support social activities, aiming the continued economic growth without taking strict measurements (The Japan Times).

In Japan, 60% of the population has finished two doses of the vaccination. The number is expected to rise to 70% by the end of October. The government plans to complete the vaccination for those who wish to by November. Additional shots (3rd dose) are to be started by the end of the year, mainly for healthcare workers at the moment (The Japan Times). Please check the current vaccination status from the update of the Prime Minister of Japan.

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