Visit to medical drainage facilities and exchange/医疗排水设施参观&交流

News | 10/01/2020

December 5, 2019 - On request of the Energy Organizing Committee of Beijing, China, 15 medical wastewater inspectors have been accepted. The place is a hospital in Nagano Prefecture, a long-lived prefecture that is attracting attention from all over the world. We toured wastewater treatment for inspection, artificial dialysis, infectious wastewater, and RI wastewater treatment facilities and equipment, and exchanged opinions with executives. After the tour, a banquet was held at a local hot spring, which was very exciting.

2019年12月5日 ー收到中国北京能源组委员会委托安排了15位客人进行医疗废水公务活动选了被世界瞩目有长寿县之称的长野县医院,加深了解了排水处理,人工透析产生的废水,以及感染性疾病的废水处理方式。还有最新设备的视察,医院的领导出来接待双方交流心得。访问结束后还体验了一把长野当地特色温泉和举办了和日式和食会席宴会得到了大家一致好评!

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Banquet / 宴会