Spanish Incentive Group enjoys winter in Japan

News | 13/03/2019

In Feb 2019, an incentive group came to Japan from Spain.

They traveled to Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Hakone and Tokyo during their 7days trip.

The meals during their stay were rich in variety, including Tempura (Japanese deep-fried dish), Yakiniku (Japanese style grilled meat), Kushiage(deep fried food on a skewer) and Western food. They enjoyed the good atmosphere in restaurants with Japanese garden and more.


The farewell dinner was in “Yakatabune cruise” in Tokyo Bay whilst wearing Yukata.

Yakatabune is a unique Japanese style wooden boat on which you can have a party while sailing a river.

Yukata is a traditional Japanese garment; a casual summer Kimono. We can arrange these kind of memorable gifts for participants to take home from their stay in Japan.



Some people told us that their favorite place is Kyoto, which has the feel of an old Japanese town, and others enjoyed Onsen (Hot springs) in Hakone.


All of the guests thoroughly enjoyed their adventure in Japan !