NTA can arrange various tickets, such as ;

Narita Airport Bus Coupon
– Easiest way to reach your hotel from Narita International Airport.
– Transfers to/from the airport is available to/from major hotels in Tokyo area.
– JPY 3,100- per Coupon / Adult / One way (Child Ticket is available only at the counter)
– Minimum sales are 20 tickets. Travel agencies will receive commission


Other tickets can be arranged through NTA

– Tokyo Disenyland & Disney Sea
– Universal Studio Japan
– Kabuki Play
– Takarazuka Play
– Sumo Tournament
– Baseball Games
– Ghibli Museum
– JRA(Horserace) **See more details
– Other Sports & Music Events
– Other Museums, Amusement Parks, etc

– JPY 2,000 (Mailing Fee) and JPY 5,000- (Handling Fee) will be added to each transaction
– We do not accept ticket purchase only. They are accepted only if accomodations are arranged
through NTA