Just follow these simple steps:

Register for an Agent’s account in our system.
This step is necessary only once per Agent. Just input all necessary information in the online registration form. You will receive a confirmation mail at the end of the registration process, containing your ID and password. You can change your password freely after registration is complete when logging in to the system.
Browse tours.
Access our Agent’s portal site using the ID and password sent to you in the confirmation mail. You will get an overview of our available tours. Click any tour of interest in the menu to see a detailed view of its contents.
Make a reservation
Every tour contains a “Book online” button that directs you to the reservation page immediately. After confirming our terms and conditions, all necessary information for a booking can be comfortably input in our reservation form. Once your reservation is completed and successfully delivered to our system, you will receive a confirmation mail and be able to print out the tour voucher.