Hotel Booking

Hotel & Ryokan Booking System

Agents can book their customers’ requests with using  NTA’s online booking system after registering for an ID.

  • Simple Registration & Log-in. Click “For Travel Agent” (For Travel Agent Registration, please refer to our website at
  • Easy 3 steps for booking. Click “For Travel Agent” →Search by Destination or keyword →Click “Rooms & Rates”.
  • All prices are NET per person.
>> Hotel & Ryokan Booking System


Affilitate to your own website

Customers can book by themselves through NTA’s online booking system, whose link is attached to Agents’ websites.

  • Easiest way to start booking through online.
  • Simple Registration(From “For Travel Agent”) and let us know “
    launch Affiliate” by e-mail.
  • NTA will give you your own “code” & “URL” for the affiliate business.
  • Your computers will book directly through the webpage & you will
    simply get the commission back from NTA.
>> Affilitate to your own website


Data Distribution System

Customers can book by themselves through Agents’ original websites, which is directly connected to NTA’s host server.

  • NTA host server will directly connect to your website by XML.
  • With “pull” method, sell-able plans and inventory information
    held by NTA received(”pulled”) in real time in response to
    requests from the partner system. No time lag in the information
  • Rates are NET or Commission-able, both available.
>> Data Distribution System