Message from the CEO

The business of creating new travel experiences


 We offer “Nippon Travel Agency”s unique services.

Since its foundation in 1905, Nippon Travel Agency has served countless travellers, becoming the oldest comprehensive travel agency in Japan and aiding the development of this countryʼs travel industry.Through the development of on-line sales and suppliers providing accommodation and travel facilities, the current travel market is experiencing rapid growth in direct sales. Not only due to these structural changes in the market but the travel market is also greatly affected by the international situation and global economy.

Under these conditions, we must steadily update our business model to quickly adapt to the ever-changing needs of our customers. We push ourselves higher, in hopes of becoming the chosen business group on both a customer and market basis. Our success is driven by flexible ideas that spur new initiatives and is built up through the combined efforts of every member of Nippon Travel Agency group.

In 1905, Nippon Travel Agency planned pilgrimages to Ise Jingu and Zenkoji via Japanʼs first group chartered train. The trainʼs interior was remodeled with tatami mats in the place of regular seats, and groundbreaking services, such as complimentary tea and newspapers, were provided. Garnering the support of a large client base, these types of services laid the foundation for Nippon Travel Agency. Now, more than a century later, we still hold tight to the vision of our founder, who always considered the needs of the customers. Nippon Travel Agency put great effort into fulfilling our corporate vision and becoming “a lively business group that generates excitement and satisfaction”.