Welcome to Japan

Bowing as a form of greeting
In Japan you can express basic greetings, “Hello”, “Thank you” and “Excuse me” by simply bowing!
Did you know that different meanings depend on the angle of the bow?
15° – Hi
30° – Thanks
40° – I’m sorry


There are a lot of vending machines
It will seem like there is one vending machine for every person in Japan.
The variety is incredible, ranging from coffee and tea to energy drinks and dessert drinks.
In the winter, there are hot drinks and even soup.

There are many convenience stores in Japan
Don’t worry too much about forgetting to pack something.
You can buy most things at convenience stores which are open 24 hours.

100yen Shops!
You will be able to buy a lot of souvenirs at the 100 yen shops.
No trip to Japan is complete without a visit to a 100 yen shop.

The right way to use an escalator in Tokyo
In Tokyo, you must stand on the left side in order to allow people to pass on the right side.
In Osaka, the etiquette is opposite. I wonder which could be considered the world standard?


How to eat noodles
When eating noodles, please feel free to slurp with gusto!
That way, the cooks can hear how delicious you find their food.

Temples and homes, Never With shoes!
Have a good look around at the people around you.
Generally, you will not be allowed to wear your shoes in temples and Japanese homes.

Business men reading comics
Business men are often reading the weekly comic magazine on the train.
Japanese manga is very famous. Why not buy some as souvenirs?

In restaurants, you must pay the bill at the cashier
Usually, Japanese restaurants do not have a designated waiter for each table.
No tipping is necessary or expected and the bill is usually paid at the cashier at the front of the restaurant after eating.