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Discover Shizuoka and Mt. Fuji from HOKUSAI's UKIYOE

Gaifu Kaisei
Sunshu-Katakura Chaen no Fuji
Sunshu Ejiri

What's UKIYOE?

Ukiyoe is a genre of Japanese woodblock prints or woodcuts and paintings produced from 17th century, featuring motifs of landscapes, tales from history, theatres, and pleasure quarters.

Who's HOKUSAI? 葛飾北斎(1760-1849)

Katsushika Hokusai is one of the most famous Japanese artist of Edo period. Fugoku 36kei or Thirty six views of Mt. Fuji(富嶽三十六景)is the series of his representative works. In this series, SHIZUOKA and Mt. FUJI are painted beautifully, fascinating people all around the world.

Gaifu Kaisei (凱風快晴)
Gaifu Kaisei, well known as Red Fuji became most popular when we think of ukiyoe work of Mt. Fuji. It is his masterpiece and bright Red Fuji can be said as an imagined landscape of Japanese.
Sunshu-Katakura Chaen no Fuji
Shizuoka is number one in Japan in terms of quality and production quantity of Green Tea. Beautiful tea plantation can be seen in many places in Shizuoka as approximately half of Japan’s tea is grown in Shizuoka.
Sunshu Ejiri (駿州江尻)
Ejiri is located in now called Shimizu-shi, Shizuoka. This painting is really famous all around the world as Jeff Wall, British photographer, was influenced by this painting a lot. This work is given full play to his talent with painting invisible wind.

Let’s actually visit and see beautiful scenery of
Shizuoka and experience Japanese style stay!


Easy Access to Shizuoka!

  1. Bullet train Shinkansen
    Tokyo station-Shizuoka station 1hour
  2. Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport
    – Seoul 2hrs, Shanghai 1hr4min, Taipei 3hrs15min

Accommodations in Shizuoka

<Major Cities>

Western Area:
Cental Area:
Eastern Area (Resort Area) :
Atami Ito Shuzenji Nishiizu Shimoda

List of accommodation will be displayed
when you click the area button on the map.

Shinkansen Bullet Train
Other raiways








Experience Japanese traditional style accommodations "RYOKAN" stay!

Ryokan stay is the must if you visit Japan. You will be welcomed with omotenashi warm heart.


-Why the rate is expensive?
Most Ryokans offer dinner and breakfast and feature public hot spring bathing area segragated by gender.
-What kind of cuisine is served at ryokan?
Normally, artistic and gracious Japanese cuisine with local specilaty is served. If you have anything you can’t eat, for example, beef, pork, raw fish, seafood, etc., please let your agent know prior and the ryokan will arrange your meals.
-I have hesitation to common bath….
Some ryokan may provide private bathing facilities or especially with luxuary ryokans,open-air bath is set in each room.

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