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Go for Apple-Picking by Shinkansen! Most tourist-friendly farm located in the North of Nagano, directly accessible from Tokyo and Kanazawa.
Our English-speaking staff assists your enjoyment and understanding in authentic Japanese fruits!

日本で最もJR新幹線駅から近い観光農園で! 英語ガイドがお客様の楽しい思い出づくりをお手伝いします!


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Added “About sales in 2023(Apple picking・Grape picking)”
「縁結び大学」でNTA Farmが紹介されました。記事はこちら。
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Apple picking experience(2023)


Opening period 01/10/2023-12/11/2023 every Sunday
07/10/2023,21/10/2023,28/10/2023Temporary business
Opening hours 10 am to 4 pm
Price 1,800 yen / person (Included: Apple picking experience, apples to eat in the garden) *Under 3years old: Free
Application We welome your walkin visit (No reservation)
Meeting place Please come directly to NTA Farm (just 7min by walk Hokuriku shinkansen Iiyama station)

― Information ―

1. Great access!
Just 7 minutes on foot from JR Iiyama Station on the JR Hokuriku Shinkansen Line or local JR Iiyama Line
A 10-min car ride from the Joshin'etsu Expressway Toyota-Iiyama IC exit
Especially for JR Rail Pass holders, Iiyama is a convenient stopover when reaching to Kanazawa or Shirakawa-go.
You can plan a day trip in combination with major sightseeing spots in Nagano, e.g. Jigokudani Monkey Park and Zenkoji Temple, etc.
2. Enjoy the countryside of Japan with our English-speaking guides
Our staff explains how to go about apple-picking and provides local information
Enjoy all-you-can-eat apple and different varieties of apple for limitless time (*The kind of apple you can eat depends on when you visit and the weather)
3. Facility service
Free Wi-Fi
Free parking space
Clean restroom with wheelchair-accessible toilet and diaper change table
4. Customer Testimonials
(From customers from Australia)
We loved our experience apple picking at NTA Farm. It’s a beautiful orchard in a beautiful location but still easy to access and the different apple varieties were delicious & the host, Keli, was so friendly, kind & informative. Definitely recommend if you’re in the Nagano region!
(From customers from USA)
A family run apple orchard with a very friendly staff. You can pick your own apples. Six varieties with different levels of sweetness and tartness. (I.e. Shinano Gold, Shinano Sweet, Famous Moon, etc. You can peel and slice apples (equipment provided) and sample the different flavors! The apples were huge when I went in mid October. They are crisp with just the right amount of juiciness.

Cycling tour

Cycling tours are closed.



催行期間 2023年はお休み中です
催行時間 10時~12時30分


お申し込み方法 以下、「ご予約はこちら」よりお申込みください(実施日の2日前まで)。当日も受付可能です。当日参加のご連絡は以下「お問い合わせ」よりご連絡ください。
集合場所 北陸新幹線「飯山駅」1階、信越自然郷アクティビティセンター前集合



― おすすめポイント ―

1. アクセス抜群
2. 専任英語ガイドが皆様をご案内、おもてなし
3. 見どころがたくさん
4. お客様の声
・Signed up for the tour 2 days in advanced. Host was very responsive and we managed to arranged the tour at short notice.
・Equipment (bicycles, helmet etc) were in good condition.
・Tour guide was friendly and made us feel like superstars with the constant photo taking. My friends and I enjoyed the cycling, the views and great sunny weather.
・Apple picking was fun. Juicy and sweet apples.
・Overall: very pleased with the program
・Let's go cycling in Iiyama!
・The Shin'etsu Shizenkyo Nature Park connects Nagano City and Iiyama City, which offers beautiful mountain views and fun activities for all to enjoy!
・Take a cycling tour of the golden rice fields and enjoy the beautiful autumn foliage while learning about the history of this lovely city full of Shinshu tradition.
・End your tour with a relaxing apple-picking experience at the Shiozaki Farm while picking and eating fresh seasonal fruits!
・Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature of Nagano Prefecture, and be sure to check out the cycling opportunities in Nagano City as well!
・Great fun and frienly tour guides!I really enjoyed all of the sights and smells on the tour.
・The route took me to places I prabably would't have seen other wise.



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