Exquisite dining place "The Sodoh Higashiyama"

News | 21/11/2017

sodoh2Numerous historical tourist sites can be found in Higashiyama area.  Sodoh Higashiyama - with  Yasaka Pagoda in the west & Kodaiji Temple in the north - is an easy access from the city center of Kyoto.

The beautiful historical buildings can be seen from the venue. Kiyomizu Temple, which is designated as a World Heritage site, Yasaka Shrine and Kodaiji Temple are also located nearby. The area is a good place to learn about the history and the culture of Kyoto.

The old house was refurbished into a Japanese-style house to welcome visitors with optimal service.  Full-time gardeners manage the elegant garden where you can distinctly experience the four seasons.

Dining here will give you the feeling of dining in the ancient age of Kyoto. sodoh1