Banquet Room Facility "Meguro Gajoen"

News | 18/11/2016

meguro2The old Meguro Gajoen was established in 1928 and quickly became a first class restaurant. Later, the founder decided to add an annex with banquet rooms, a shrine and a church in order to create the first "ALL-IN-ONE" banquet room facility in Tokyo.

In 1988, the old parts of the building were torn apart and reattached to a newly built edifice.  In 2009, Meguro Gajoen was designated as "Tangible Cultural Property of Tokyo" by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The banquet area consists of one large-sized hall, 14 medium-sized and 7 small-sized rooms.  All the banquet rooms have different designs, and each floor has its own theme, color and style. meguro3