Authentic Kimono Wearing Experience

News | 16/11/2016

dsc_0635Kimono is the traditional Japanese outfit usually worn with a sash (obi). They are mainly made of wool, cotton and silk. Nowadays, kimonos are not worn as frequently as they used to be. Japanese people basically wear them for special occasions such as New Year’s Day, Coming-of-Age Day or for wedding receptions. Extremely beautiful and delicate, kimonos can be quite expensive. Because they are so sophisticated, they can be less practical than Western Clothing. Since the younger Japanese generations are not all familiar with fitting a kimono, some people learn the kimono fitting basics in kimono schools.

At NTA, we can provide you with a traditional kimono fitting experience in Japanese style venues with tatami rooms.dsc_0633
Description of the activity:

  1. Lecture about kimono: you will be able to learn about the history and the culture of kimono as well as the different types of kimono.
  2. You will fit kimonos with the support of English-speaking assistant. There will be a large choice of Kimono or Yukata (summer kimonos) for ladies and the men will be able to wear a Hakama (kimono that comes with a sort of trousers) or a Yukata.
  3. Walking and Picture time