Aichi and Mie

Aichi and Mie for 3 nights and 4 days

3 nights 4 days, Nagoya – Irago – Mie Map
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Mie connects the history, traditions and culture of the central regions. In this tour with 3 nights and 4 days, you can visit the Toba Aquarium, the Mikimoto Pearl Island, the Ise Shrine and other places of interest.

Toyokawa Inari Shrine

The Toyokawa Inari Shrine

It is one of the three major Inari Shrines in Japan where the good God of commerce is blessed and worshipped.

LAGUNA GamagoriLAGUNA GamagoriLAGUNA Gamagori

LAGUNA Gamagori

LAGUNA Gamagori

A marine resort compound with a large-scale playground and commercial pedestrian streets. There are also recuperation facilities.

Via ferry Irago

To Irago via ferryboat

If you’re lucky you can see dolphins, while traveling across the Ise Bay.

Toba Aquarium

The Toba Aquarium

This is one of the largest aquariums in the world, consisting of 12 zones which reproduce a natural environment.

Mikimoto Pearl IslandMikimoto Pearl Island

Mikimoto Pearl Island

On this island, Kokichi Mikimoto was the world’s first person who managed to produce full round cultured pearls in 1893.

Ise Shrine


Although 2000 years have passed by, there is still no change and you can feel the weight of history and a long tradition here.

Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle’s construction was ordered by Tokugawa Ieyasu to maintain the regime of the Edo Shogunate, but also as a fortress to guard the Eastern Sea Road against attacks from the direction of Osaka. About 250 years thereafter until the Meiji Restoration, Nagoya City has been the residence of the Owari branche, the foremost of the three Tokugawa clan lineages. Sitting on a replica of the Kinshachi is very favoured by the tourists.


Location Transport Specific Content Meals
Day 1 China


Special train
Departure by plane to Chubu International Airport Nagoya.

After finishing entrance formalities, transfer to Nagoya City Hotel for check in (Accommodation: Hotel in Nagoya).
Day 2 Nagoya


Special train
Breakfast in the Hotel,

Sightseeing tour by car to Toyokawa Inari and Laguna Gamagori

From Irako to Toba by ferryboat in the afternoon

Arriving in Toba, Hotel Check-In in Mie

Dinner at the Hotel (Accommodation: Hotel in Mie)
Day 3 Mie

Special train Breakfast in the hotel

Sightseeingtour in Mie (Toba Aquarium, Mikimoto pearls Island, Ise Jingu, etc.)

Back to Nagoya by car in the afternoon

Dinner at the Hotel (Accommodation: Hotel in Nagoya)
Day 4 Nagoya

Aircraft Breakfast in the hotel

Nagoya City Sightseeing (Nagoya City), shopping

To the airport in the afternoon and returning by plane

※ The sightseeing itinerary above can, before and after reservation become subject to change according to circumstances.