Kyushu Tour

Kyushu (Shimabara – Nagasaki – Fukuoka) 3 nights 4 days

In 3 nights and 4 days from Shimabara to Nagasaki and Fukuoka Map
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  • Enjoy the rich spring water flow in Bay castle town of Shimabara and the natural beauty of Mount Unzen National Park during every season.
  • Spa accommodation in ​​Kyushu – Shimabara.
  • The Nagasaki peace Park, Glover Garden and other popular tourist places.
  • Enjoy the reproduction of a Dutch Village, the Huis Ten Bosch huge theme park.
  • Visit one of Kyushu’s largest cities – Fukuoka, where popular brand-name and many other shopping stores gather.

Huis Ten Bosch

Theme Park “Huis Ten Bosch”

At Omura Bay a reproduction of a Dutch village of the 17th century was built as a tremendous theme park. It features many Dutch-style buildings like windmill towers, hotels or restaurants. The hole area is full of of tulips, roses and other seasonal flowers.

Shimabara City

Shimabara Castle

In 1618, Matsukura Bungo kept money from the goverment to build this castle in 7 years. The main “Donjon” have five storys and inside a lot of information on catholics and the local Edo era are gathered.


Mount Unzen

This Mountain was recognized in 1934 for his natural beauty and became a part of one of the first national parks in Japan. The Plateau is in a height of 700 Meters and very popular as a summer resort.

Prayer for Peace Park

Nagasaki Peace Park

Seibou Kitamura created a 10-meter-tall Peace Statue in the north of the Peace Park. The statue’s right hand points to the threat of nuclear weapons while the left hand symbolizes eternal peace.

Clover Garden Park

Glover Garden

A huge garden area of 30,000 square meters with Flowers from all over the World blossom here throughout the whole year. Situated on the southern slope of a mountain, it is possible to overlook the Nagasaki Harbour. Inside the garden you can visit the Thomas B. Residence, a Western-style Residence from the Meji era.

Canal City Hakata

Canal City Hakata

The Canal City Hakata has a high concentration of hotels, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, ramen shops, playgrounds, designer shops and huge composite facilities. Wander along the central canal and enjoy street performances and other promotional activities.

Malinaoa City

Evergreen Marinoa

A new attraction in Fukuoka, the Ferris Wheel attracts the most attention. The huge area full of outlet shops, restaurants and the world’s rarest cable car are very popular.

Tenjin West Road

Tenjin West Road

Tenshin is the biggest bustling city in Kyushu Fukuoka. It is full of entertainment venues, prominent personality, modern departments and popular fashion stores, and a lot of restaurants. This Place is very populare among the local young people and tourists.


Location Transport Specific Content Meals
Day 1 China

Nagasaki Airport

Special train
Arrival in the Morning at Shimabara

Historical sightseeing tour in Shimabara (Original Island City, samurai buildings, Mount Unzen, etc.).

(Accommodation: Shimabara)
Day 2 Shimabara


Huis Ten Bosch
Special train After breakfast, visiting Nagasaki City for sightseeing (Peace Park, Glover Garden, etc.)

Huis Ten Bosch Theme Park after lunch

Free time after dinner (Accommodation: Huis Ten Bosch)
Day 3 Huis Ten Bosch

Special train Fukuoka City Tour (Canal City Hakata, Malinaoa City Tenjin area walking) in the morning

Day 4 Fukuoka

Fukuoka Airport
Special train
Transport to Fukuoka Airport for flight home Breakfast

※ The sightseeing itinerary above can, before and after reservation become subject to change according to circumstances.