Shikoku Tour

Shikoku (Matsuyama – Yu Island – Kochi – Naruto) 4 nights 5 days

In 4 nights and 5 days from Shikoku over Tokushima to Takamatsu Map
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  • A Dojo proud to offer accommodations with the oldest hot spring in the History of Japan.
  • Sightseeing in Shikoku.
  • Taking a boat tour on the Shimanto river.
  • Visiting the fastest Naruto swirl of Japan.
  • Experience the taste of the best Udon in Japan, the Sanuki Udon.
  • Visti Tokushima to experience the authentic Awa dance.
  • Enjoy the beauty of one of Japan’s famous three gardens, the Ritsurin Park.

Naruto Whirpool

Naruto Whirpool

The Vortex generated by tidal fluctuations and due to the narrowness of the strait, the water rushes through the Naruto channel with the speed of 8-9 mph, making it the fastest one in Japan. This happens four times a day, twice flowing in and twice flowing out.

South park

South Park

The best modern technology designed the garden buildings of the largest garden of Japan. There are 300,000 trees, cherry blossoms, azaleas and other plants which show a different color in each season. This Park has been selected as one of the most popular gardens in Japan.

Dogo Onsen

Dogo Spa

The history of the Dogo onsen is stretching back over 1000 years and is one of the oldest onsen in Japan. Discover the old temple building and the legends of the gods.

Cape Ashizuri-misaki

Cape Ashizuri-misaki

This Cape is a part of the local national park with its white lighthouse, which is a popular sightseeing point. This lighthouse is 18 meters tall, has a light intensity of 2.2 million candela and a light distance of 38 km. From its top floor, you can enjoy the 270 degree panorama view.


Shimanto River

In Shikoku you will find the most beautiful and clean river of Japan, the Shimanto River. Take a sightseeing boat tour and enjoy the unique landscapes on both sides of the strait. A side-stream adds to the fun of the journey.

Iya valley

Iya Valley

The undisturbed nature, filled with very old trees and the clean Iya River make this landscape incerdibly beautiful and tranquill.

Awa Odori

Awa Dance

Awa Dori is the largest dance festival in Japan. Groups of choreographed dancers and musicians are dancing through the streets, wearing tradtional costumes and singing the famous “Awa Yoshikono” song.

Kuribayashi Park

Ritsurin Garden

This historical garden is one of the most famous and beautiful gardens in Japan. The construction began 1625 and has been finished over 100 years later. Ritsurin garden covers an area of about 750000 square meters of pure japanese style.


Location Transport Specific Content Meals
Day 1 China

Matsuyama Airport


Dogo Onsen
Special train
Arrival and lunch in the city of Matsuyama

Matsuyama sightseeing

Accommodation at the oldest onsen in the History of Japan

(Accommodation: After spring)
Day 2 Matsuyama




Cape Ashizuri-misaki
Special train Visit Uchiko in the morning

Take a walk in the streets and visit the famous Oozu Castle

Heading south to the Garden for a walk

Boat tour on the beautiful Shimanto river in the afternoon

Arrive in Shikoku (Accommodation: Cape Ashizuri-misaki)
Day 3 Kochi

Shimanto River

Kotohira Tokushima (Naruto swirl)
Special train Visit the birthplace of Ryōma Sakamoto in Kochi city (Bay Shore) and Kochi Castle in the morning

Walk through the full nature of the landscape and legends of the township of constipation, forward to Fujihashi and Konpira palace

Enjoy the taste of Sanuki Udon and experience the Awa Dance in the evening

(Accommodation: Island)
Day 4 Tokushima (Naruto)

Special train Drive to the largest Whirlpool of Japan in the morning

Visit Otsuka Museum of Arts (with copied medieval paintings from Europe)

Visit of one of the three most famous gardens of Japan, the “Ritsurin Park” for a walk

(Accommodation: Takamatsu)
Day 5 Takamatsu

Songshan Airport
Special train
Transport to Songshan Airport for flight home at noon Breakfast

※ The sightseeing itinerary above can, before and after reservation become subject to change according to circumstances.