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Shiga Lake Hotel (志賀レークホテル)

ONSENLarge commual bathW-Fi

Apeal point!
For Ski Resort information, About 1 min. walk to Giant Ski Area
Located in Joshinetsu highland National Park. It is a great highland resort hotel of views on a lake lotus pond in the middle of the Shiga Highland. In an environment that is surrounded by birch forests at the height of 1500m. You can enjoy the change of nature throughout the four seasons. Optimal location especially for the school trip, camp school and corporate training. Do offer for Japanese - Western based on the age group. It has gained a good reputation in its abundant of choices. We strive to improve for the facilities and services every year.
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Standard Ryokan
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About 2 min. walk from Hasuike Bus Stop
490 people
Guest rooms
83 rooms