Nippon Travel Agency Mail News No1 March. 2014

| 2014/03/07 - 12:12

Nippon Travel Agency

Greetings from Japan and thank you for using NTA For Agent system!
!!! The 65th Kyo Odori at Miyagawacho in KYOTO !!!



*+*+*Tickets Available for KYO ODORI in Cherry Blossom Season!!!*+*+*

Kyo Odori, Kyoto’s traditional dance is highly evaluated for the elegant performance representing Kyoto’s famous tourist sites and seasonal beauty. NTA hold 10 seats each day for below dates and time just for For Agent Use clients!!! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you and your guests are interested!

KYO ODORI Ticket Info:
Date: April 5(Sat.) –11(Fri.), April 16 (Wed.) –18(Fri.)
Enjoy and experience Kyoto with beautiful cherry blossom!
*2014 Cherry blossoms full-bloomed forecast: April 3(Thu.) to 11(Fri.)

Place: Miyagawacho Kaburenjo Theatre
4-306 Miyagawasuji, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 605-0801

Performance Time: 12:30~ (about an hour)
*Please lead your guests to get to the theater 40mins before the starting time

Ticket and Fee: First class reserved seat with tea service, 4500JPY per person
Other: The reservation of this ticket should be made 29 days before the day of Kyo Odori visit.
Please contact us now! We will check availability and get back to you as soon as possible.


||| Hotel Granvia Kyoto|||

6202-308 Offers a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary Kyoto!!
from12,300yen/per person (2 person/per room, room only)
Access: Right by JR Kyoto station ( 1 min walk from the station)
Star Rate: 4.5 Star
Room type: Standard Twin room
Now Booking

||| Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto|||

6203-301 Welcomes you with gracious, friendly service!!
from 6,200yen/per person (2person/per room, room only, Early Bird Special 22 days )
Access: 7 min. walk from JR Kyoto station.
Star Rate: 3.5 Star
Room Type: Twin room
Now Booking

||| New Miyako Hotel|||

6202-301 The largest size of hotel in Kyoto!!

from7,600yen/per person (2person/per room; room only)
Access: 2 min. walk from JR Kyoto station.
Star Rate: 3.5 Star
Room Type: Main Premium Twin, South Wing Twin
Now Booking

*Attention* Every Tuesday 00:00-07:30JST (when Monday is public holiday in Japan, Wednesday) is system maintenance time and NO reservations nor cancellations can be made. The cancellation button disappear under maintenance time, after 15:00 of check-in date and from 21:00 to 24:00 of the end of each month.

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