Nippon Travel Agency Mail News No13 May.2013

| 2013/05/13 - 18:45

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Hello from Japan and thank you for using NTA For Agent system!
Summer vacation is coming up!

*+* Don’t miss Beautiful Lavender Fields in Hokkaido *+*

Lavender Fields

Hina Doll

Rape Blossoms

Hina Doll

Every Summer, Furano’s lavender fields attract visitors from all over the world. The majority of lavender usually starts blooming in late June and reaches its peak from around mid-July to early August. Furthermore, visitors can enjoy flowers include rape blossoms, poppies and lupines from June, lilies from July and sunflowers, salvias and cosmos from August and September.
The most famous area for beautiful lavenders are FURANO, about 2hour drive from Sapporo. If the guests cannot visit that far, lavenders can be enjoyed at Southern Sapporo where lavender cultivation originally started.
– Special Rates for HOKKAIDO!-
**Every Tuesday 00:00-07:30JST (when Monday is public holiday in Japan, Wednesday) is system maintenance time and NO reservations nor cancellations can be made.
The cancellation button disappear under maintenance time, after 15:00 of check-in date and from 21:00 to 24:00 of the end of each month. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Moji Hotel

A relaxing resort hotel sistuated in Furano!

from 5,800yen/per person (Twin; 2 person/per room; without meals)
Star Rate: 3.5 stars
Access: 10min. drive from JR Furano station
Point: The hotel is located 60 minutes from Asahiyama Airport by car, and 7 minutes by car from the city center. The guests can enjoy beautiful nature of Hokkaido.



Modern Hotel located in the heart of Sapporo!

from 8,000yen /per person (Twin, 2 person/per room, without meals)
Star Rate: 4 stars
Access: 5min. walk from JR Sapporo station
Point: The hotel is located at the best place, between a Botanical Garden of Hokkaido University and Sapporo Station. Only 1km from the clock tower and Odori park. Free Wi-Fi available.


Remm Kagoshima
The hotel focused on Security, Safety, Clean, and Value-added service!from 3,800yen /per person (Studio Twin; 2person/per room; without meals)
Star Rate: 3 stars
Access: 4min. walk from JR Sapporo station
Point: Sophisticated designs of the hotel are based on the image of serenity and relaxing moment. Neutral negative logic water is fully supplied in the whole building

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