Nippon Travel Agency Mail News No10 Jan.2013

| 2013/02/19 - 17:03

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*+*-*Visit KYUSHU in March during the Doll Festival season*+*-*


Hina Doll

Hina doll

Sengan en

Sengan en (Kagoshima)

HINAMATSURI, the Japanese Doll festival or Girl’s Day is held every year on March 3rd to pray for young girls’growth and happiness. During Hinamatsuri season, many events will be held in various areas especially in Kyushu area. Let’s visit and see Japanese traditional dolls only can be seen in early spring!

*FUKUOKA: Mojiko Fugu, lights and Hina Doll Festival

Feb.2-Mar.24 at Mojiko Retro (JR Mojiko Station)

*NAGASAKI: Hirado Onsen Joka Hinamatsuri

Feb.11-Mar.14 at Hirado onsen

*KAGOSHIMA: Satsuma no Hinamatsuri

Feb.6-Apr.22 at Sengan-en (National scenic beauty and cultural site)

Special Rates for Early Spring in Kyushu !


Have you checked our on-line booking site recently? All prices are shown in NET rate. Why don’t you login and see the list of various Hotels and Ryokans! Please book your accommodation through our on-line site from today !!

||| Fukuoka ||| Mojiko Hotel

Moji Hotel

Feel the Romantic atmosphere of Meiji and Taisho period at Moji Harbor!

from 4,300yen/per person (Standard Twin; 2 person/per room; No meals)

Star Rate: 4 stars

Access: 2min. walk from Mojiko Station

Point: It’s a perfect spot to take the first step toward Shimonoseki and Kyushu. An exquisite view of Kanmon Straits can be seen from guest room. Don’t forget to try Baked curry, Mojiko’s specialty

||| Nagasaki ||| Hirado Senrigahama Onsen Hotel Ranpu

Hirado Senrigahama Onsen Hotel

Relaxing at Kyushu’s one of the biggest Open-air bath!

from 5,400yen/per person (Standard Twin, 2 person/per room, Breakfast incl.)

Star Rate: 3 stars

Access: 12min. drive from Tabira Hiradoguchi Station

Point: All the guest rooms are sea view with balcony and private beach is in front of the hotel.Every night special show of fish slicing is held.

||| Kagoshima  ||| Remm Kagoshima

Remm Kagoshima
Newly opened Modern and Stylish designed hotel!from 3,200yen/per person (Double; 2person/per room; without meals)

Star Rate: 3.5 stars

Access: 15min. walk from Kagoshima-chuo stationPoint: Newly opened in October, 2011, a great place for both business and sightseeing of Kyushu. Massage chair is set in each room.

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