SRUOT WENBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSHizenKashimaUreshinoOnsenNagasakiFukuoka AirportHakataBeppuYufuinOitaAppx. 5min. from JR Hizen Kashima Sta.Appx. 3min. from Matsuyama-machi Streetcar StopYutoku Inari Shrine(In Saga)/写真提供:佐賀県観光連盟Yutoku Inari Shrine is one of the three most famous shrines Yutoku Inari Shrine is one of the three most famous shrines dedicated to Inari.dedicated to Inari.Appx. 10min. from JR Hizen Kashima Sta.Next to Dejima Streetcar StopAppx. 15min. from JR Takeo Onsen Sta.Appx. 10min. from JR Yufuin Sta.Appx. 15min. from JR Beppu Sta.Nagasaki night view (In Nagasaki)The great panorama to be seen from Mt. Inasa, which is ranked as one of the best three night views in Japan. Lake Kinrin (In Oita)Lake Kinrin is very mysterious in that it possesses two separate springs at its bottom. The lake is said to have been named in 1884 by Confucian scholar Mori Kuso when he witnessed the scales of a fish in the Lake glare in gold from the sunset. ACCESSDay4Jigoku Meguri (In Oita)Amazing, steaming, bubbling hot springs gushing out of 250-300 deep under the ground, Jigoku (Hell) is one of Beppu's most famous tourist attractions. "Umi Jigoku" of the cobalt blue hot water at 98℃, "Chinoike Jigoku" of the bloody red water.ACCESSThis tour combines all the popular sightseeing spots in Kyushu area.Day2ITINERARYDay1FUKUOKA AIRPORT - HAKATAArrive at Fukuoka Airport.Transfer to Subway Hakata Sta. by subway. ■Travel Time appx. 5min.■Day2HAKATA - KASHIMA - TAKEO - URESHINO ONSENTransfer to JR Hakata Sta. by yourself.Transfer to JR Hizen Kashima Sta. by express train. ■Travel Time appx. 60min.■JR Hizen Kashima Sta. -- appx. 5min. -- Hizen Hama-shuku (the town of breweries) -- appx. 5min. -- Kashima Bus Center -- appx. 10min. -- Yutoku Inari Shrine -- appx. 10min. -- Kashima Bus CenterTransfer to JR Takeo Onsen Sta. by local train (change trains JR Hizen Yamaguchi Sta.). ■Travel Time appx. 37min.■JR Takeo Onsen Sta. -- appx. 15min. -- Hiryugama -- appx. 15min. -- JR Takeo Onsen Sta. -- appx. 36min. -- Ureshino Onsen Bus CenterDay3URESHINO ONSEN - NAGASAKITransfer to Ureshino Onsen Bus Center by yourself.Transfer to Takeo Onsen Sta. by bus. ■Travel Time appx. 37min.■Transfer to JR Nagasaki Sta. by bus and express train (change trains JR Saga Sta.). ■Travel Time appx. 115min.■Day4 NAGASAKI - YUFUIN - BEPPU ONSENTransfer to JR Nagasaki Sta. by yourself.Transfer to JR Yufuin Sta. by express train (change trains JR Tosu Sta.) ■Travel Time appx. 230min.■Transfer to JR Beppu Sta. by local train and express train (change trains JR Oita Sta.). ■Travel Time appx. 70min.■Day5BEPPU ONSEN - FUKUOKATransfer to JR Beppu Sta. by yourself.Transfer to JR Hakata Sta. by express train and bullet train (change trains JR Kokura Sta.). ■Travel Time appx. 110min.■Hizen Hama-shuku (the town of breweries)(In Saga)Been developed as a post town of Nagasaki highway in the Edo period, then it was developed in the brewing industry and fisheries, and fisheries processing industry.ACCESSDay3Nagasaki Peace Park (In Nagasaki)Nagasaki Peace Park is built on a low hill to the north of the hypocenter of the atomic bomb blast. It was created to represent the wish for world peace and a vow that such a tragic war would never be repeated. ACCESSACCESSDay3Day2URESHINO ONSEN (SAGA Prefecture)NAGASAKI CITY (NAGASAKI Prefecture)ACCOMMODATIONHAKATA CITY (FUKUOKA Prefecture)BEPPU ONSEN (OITA Prefecture)Dejima (In Nagasaki)Dejima is an artificial island built in Nagasaki as part of the isolation policy of the Edo shogunate in 1634. It is fan shaped and has an area of 3969 tsubo. From 1636 to 1639 vs. Portugal trade, from 1641 to 1859 against the Netherlands trade took place. ACCESSDay2Day3Day4Hiryugama (In Saga)/写真提供:佐賀県観光連盟Hiryugama is a climbing kiln which was built in Kuromuta, Takeuchi-cho as a base of the pottery industry of Takeo and its cubic capacity boasts the worldʼs largest scale.ACCESS66ROUTE MAPROUTE MAPAROUND KYUSHU 5DAYS SUGGESTION OF NEW TOURS

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