SRUOT WENBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSThis tour combines all the popular sightseeing spots in Chubu and Kansai area.ITINERARYDay1CHUBU CENTRAIR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - NAGOYAArrive at Chubu Centrair International Airport.Transfer to JR Nagoya Sta. by express train. 《Travel Time appx. 28min.》Kaike OnsenKurashikiDay2NAGOYA - TOBATransfer to Kintetsu Nagoya Sta. by yourself.Transfer to Kintetsu Ujiyamada Sta. by express train. 《Travel Time appx. 95min.》Kintetsu Ujiyamada -- appx. 10min. -- Kotaijingu (Naiku) -- appx. 28min. -- Meoto Iwa Rocks -- appx. 12min. -- Toba bus centerDay3TOBA - OSAKATransfer to Kintetsu Toba Sta. by yourself.Transfer to Kintetsu Osaka-Namba Sta. by express train. 《Travel Time appx. 120min.》Day4OSAKA - KAIKE ONSENTransfer to JR Shin-Osaka Sta. by yourself.Transfer to JR Sakaiminato Sta. by bullet train and express train and local train (change train at Okayama Sta. and Yonago Sta.). 《Travel Time appx. 190min.》Transfer to JR Yonago Sta. by local train 《Travel Time appx. 45min.》Day5KAIKE ONSEN - OKAYAMATransfer to JR Yonago Sta. by yourself.Transfer to JR Kurashiki Sta. by express train. 《Travel Time appx. 120min.》Transfer to JR Okayama Sta. by local train. 《Travel Time appx. 16min.》Day6OKAYAMA - OSAKATransfer to JR Okayama Sta. by yourself.Transfer to JR Shin-Osaka Sta. by bullet train. 《Travel Time appx. 45min.》NagoyaOsakaOkayamaTobaOkage Yokocho Street (In Mie)It is a tourist spot in front of Ise Jingu Shrine. The street reproduced the crowded Ise temple town during the end stage of Edo Period (1603-1868) Okagemari event. They also reproduced the special Ise Tsumairi style buildings, as well as Western-style buildings of Kuwanashi. There are 55 various stores and restaurants.ACCESSAppx. 20min. from Kintetsu Ujiyamada Sta.Chubu Centrair International AirportOKAYAMA CITY (OKAYAMA Prefecture)Appx. 10min. from Kintetsu Ujiyamada Sta.OSAKAAppx. 10min. from JR Sakaiminato Sta.Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter (In Okayama)Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter was chosen as the most picturesque merchants' quarter in Japan. When the shogunate took control of the area about 300 year ago, a magistrate's office was established and the town and its canal were developed into a trade center.Day2Day1Day2Nagoya Catsle (In Aichi)This castle, a symbol of Nagoya was residence of the 620,000-koku Owari Tokugawa household. It was built by the order of Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1612, and it symbol-izes Nagoya's pride and power. ACCESSAppx. 10min. from JR Nagoya Sta.Meoto Iwa Rocks (In Mie)They have been named "Meoto Iwa (husband and wife rocks)" as they look like a married couple standing next to each other. The place where they stand is said to be a sacred spot that the gods visit. ACCESSAppx. 15min. from JR Futamiura Sta.ACCOMMODATIONNAGOYA CITY (AICHI Prefecture)TOBA (MIE Prefecture)KAIKE ONSEN (TOTTORI Prefecture)Day2Day3Day5Kotaijingu (Naiku) (In Mie)Kotaijingu (Naiku) is the most venerable sanctuary in Japan. Here is a jinja (Shinto shrine) dedicated to Amaterasu-Omikami, the ancestral kami (Shinto deity) of the Imperial family. She was enshrined in Naiku about 2,000 years ago and has been revered as a guardian of Japan.ACCESSMizuki Shigeru Museum(In Tottori) ⓒMIZUKI ProductionsAt Mizuki Shigeru Museum,visitors can see the world of the creatorʼs unique and diverse art works as well as the world of Yokais.ACCESSShinsekai (In Osaka)Shinsekai is one of the popular shopping district in Osaka. There are many restaurants and shops, it always crowded with many people. Tsutenkaku Tower imitated the Eiffel Tower in Paris is very close to Shinsekai.Day464ROUTE MAPAROUND CHUBU ・ KANSAI 6DAYS SUGGESTION OF NEW TOURS

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