nNiigata PrefectureThe Land Blessed with Rich Natural Surroundingswe NEWDESTINATIONJust a short 2 hours away from Tokyo by bullet train, Niigata sits along the coast of the Sea of Japan. With over 30 feet of snowfall, Niigata becomes a powder snow heaven that attracts many skiers during the peak winter season. As the snow melts and the run-off of pure water allows Niigata to become the leading rice and sake producer in Japan. Whenever you visit, Niigata welcomes you with the creation of a wide variety of pure nature. After a 65 minute Jetfoil (high-speed ferry) ride from the mainland Niigata, you will reach the beautiful rocky bays of Sado Island. Sado Island is where sea-trade and travel from all over the mainland brought a rich and diverse culture. Go in search of Sado’s cultural diversity, experience a mini voyage on a wooden sea vessel, Sado's fresh seafood, or learn its unique history.59Sado IslandThe Pleasant Getaway to the Rocky Coastal WatersNEW DESTINATION

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