Beautiful SunsetSmelt FishingwensSsenarCctivitien■ ABoat CruisingNALP PUORG31What kind of place is Eastern Hokkaido?-Home to 4 Spectacular National Parks-Paradise for Those Who Love Summer / Winter Activities-Japan’s Leading Hot Spring Resorts●Access①For Abashiri, Akan or Mashu Sightseeing: Haneda Airport→Memanbetsu Airport (1 hour 40 minutes )②For Kushiro or Shiretoko: Haneda Airport→Kushiro Airport (1 hour 40 minutes)UTOROABASHIRIAKANTOKACHIKUSHIROUTOROAKANTOKACHIABASHIRIKUSHIRO58AbashiriTokachiUtoroKushiroAkanWhere You Witness a Dynamic Transformation of the Seasons...Drift Ice Walking T■rJewelry IcePrimeval Fl■■ G■denKayakingBall■n FestivalGROUP PLANEASTERN HOKKAIDO COURSE

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