★In case of exchanging JR Pass, an extra charge of 3,000 ⇔Hotel in Tokyo⇔Hotel in KyotoHakone Machi⇔Hotel in HakonerefsnarT*Need to add JPY23,300- (NET) per person as Bullet train fee (ordinary class)message the night before departure. Terminal) or nearest station, or hotel by airport bus and move to/from their hotel by taxi at their own expense.(Stations within 23 wards)(Stations within Kyoto City)1-2PAX3-5PAX6-9PAXNikko 1day from TokyoFull dayEnglish speaking guide(8H)1-2PAX3-5PAX6-9PAXHiroshima 1day from KyotoFull day(8H)1-2PAX3-5PAX6-9PAXAirpotTokyoTransfer byStaffSEDANVANMICROSEDANVANMICROSEDANSEDANVANMICROKyotoHotel in Hakone⇔Odawara StationEnglish speaking guideFull day(8H)Half day (4H)¥65,000 ¥70,100 ¥113,600 ¥98,200 ¥107,200 ¥140,900 ¥142,700 ¥150,100 ¥202,000 English speaking guide¥143,500 ¥148,700 ¥152,800 CODENo.of.Pax1-2PAX3-5PAX6-9PAX1-2PAX3-5PAX6-9PAX1-2PAX1-2PAX3-5PAX6-9PAXEscortST-1EscortST-2OnlyticketST-3OnlyticketST-4Other languagesFull day(8H)Half day (4H)¥105,300 ¥70,700 ¥114,400 ¥75,800 ¥148,000 ¥119,300 Other languages¥149,800 ¥157,200 ¥209,100 Other languages¥150,700 ¥155,800 ¥159,900 English¥31,200 ¥35,200 ¥69,200 ¥31,200 ¥35,200 ¥69,200 Other language¥35,800 ¥39,800 ¥84,900 ¥35,800 ¥39,800 ¥84,900 ¥10,000¥16,400¥26,000¥52,0001-2PAX3-5PAX6-9PAXOkinawa (1day/half day)English speaking guide1-2PAX3-5PAX6-9PAX  NGO (,an extra charge of 5,000 yen/group will be required. # of pax needs to be less than 10.yen/group is required. Pax needs to be less than 10.Narita International AirportTokyo (Haneda) International AirportKansai International AirportOsaka (Itami) Domestic AirportChubu Centrair International AirportNew Chitose AirportNaha AirportEnglish speaking guide¥144,200 ¥152,800 ¥195,700 English speaking guideFull day(8H)Half day (4H)¥116,800 ¥86,200 ¥133,700 ¥96,100 ¥183,500 ¥124,500 Full day(8H)Half day (4H)¥59,600 ¥67,200 ¥94,600 ¥90,900 ¥106,000 ¥115,100 English¥9,500 ¥9,500 ¥12,700 ¥16,900 ¥16,600 ¥16,600 ¥18,200 Other language¥20,200 ¥18,000 ¥23,300 ¥21,100 ¥21,200 ¥21,200 ¥22,800 Other languages¥151,300 ¥160,000 ¥202,900 Other languagesFull day(8H)Half day (4H)¥123,900 ¥91,900 ¥140,800 ¥101,800 ¥190,600 ¥130,200 Other languagesFull day(8H)Half day (4H)¥65,300 ¥72,900 ¥100,300 ¥98,000 ¥113,200 ¥122,300 52MEETING ASSISTANT SERVICE NTA representative will meet clients at the exit from customs and assist them to board an airport bus or train. ★In case of service starting before 08:00 and later than AIRPORT TRANSFER*Limousine BusCheck limousine bus timetables for each airport on the website: NRT and HND (  KIX (  CTS (   OKA (*At AirportMeeting: NTA representative will meet clients at the exit from customs and immigration, and assist them to board an airport bus, sedan, van or micro for designated places.Escort: NTA representative will meet clients at the exit from customs and immigration, and accompany them to their hotels.*At HotelDriver Only: Driver will meet clients at the hotel and take them to the airport.Escort: NTA representative will meet clients at the hotel and accompany them to the airport.Porter service is not included at airports and hotels. Clients are asked to carry their own baggage.★For departure transfers (Seat in Van), the actual meeting time at the hotel lobby will be notified by NTA representative by phone, or by leaving a ★In case of accommodation without direct airport bus, or when the direct bus is out of service, clients will transfer to/from TCAT (Tokyo City Air ★Additional costs will be required for hotels that are not located in central Kyoto and Osaka. For details, please confirm with NTA.★In case of the clients' flight (ETA) is not within the mentioned arrival & departure time below, an extra charge of 5,000 yen per group will be required. ★Without Hotel booking, Handling fee is 5,000 yen / per serviceOther language : German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), KoreanTRANSFERLUGGAGE TRANSFER¥3,300 per piece of Luggage.Luggage space can be limited on bullet train. Therefore we recommend clients to use our luggage transfer service to make their travel around Japan more comfortable. Please give the following message to clients.“Please leave your luggage at your hotel's bell counter or front desk by 7:30am. Your luggage will be transferred to the hotel in the evening of the same day. ” Available among following cities : Tokyo - Hakone, Tokyo - Kyoto (Osaka), Hakone - Kyoto (Osaka), Kyoto - OsakaAccommodation needs to be booked through NTA. *Not operated in following seasons: Golden Week in May, Obon in mid August, and End & New Year Seasons.For Hakone, not operated in Jan, Feb, and Dec. (For the exact date, please contact to NTA.) *Not available for the hotels located out of the city center.PRIVATE GUIDE WITH CAR・8hours (4hours) ・Private car, driver and guide are included. ・Lunch and admission fees are not included.Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka (1day/half day)Mt.Fuji & Hakone 1day from TokyoFull day(8H)1-2PAX3-5PAX6-9PAXNara, Osaka from Kyoto (1day/hald day)

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