・With Japanese speaking guide/Rental Audio Guide is available (Eglish/Chinese/Korean).OPTIONAL PLANwenwenDay1Suggested ItineraryExchange Hiroden 1Day Pass at Hiroshima Station information desk (at South exit) on Hiroshima Electric Railway.Hiroshima - Genbaku Dome Mae by Street car (15min, Hiroden Pass)Walk and visit, A-bomb Dome, Peace Memorial Park, Peace Memorial Museum.Genbaku Dome Mae - Hatchobori by Street car (6min, Hiroden Pass)Lunch at Okonomi-mura. (Okonomiyaki, speciality of Hiroshima)Hatchobori - Miyajimaguchi by Street car (55min Hiroden Pass)Miyajimaguchi - Miyajima Island by ferry (10min.)Walk and visit, Itsukushima Shrine.Night cruise at Miyajima island to see the light up of Miyajima island. (30min. cruise, Departs: 17:55, 18:35, 19:15, 19:55, 20:35, 21:15)Stay over night at Miyajima or return back to Hiroshima by Street car or JR. (Miyajimaguchi - Hiroshima 1hour 08min. by Street car)29Hiroshima is a land of many attractions. In the city, The Peace Memori-al Museum and the A-bomb Dome, where the horrors of the war can be visited, a World Heritage Site. Itsukushima is located in the suburbs of Hiroshima, is known for its mystical atmosphere.Departure date : 04 Jan. - 28 Dec. 2018 * Subject to ChangeTour Price : JPY 4,800 per person (Adult/Child)Minimum participants required: 1 personYou can experience Japanese Traditional culture like kimono, calligraphy, zazen, and more. It will be unforgettable beautiful experience in Japan.Calligraphy+Tea ceremony+Japanese food makingCourse ACalligrphy+Tea ceremonyCourse BDeparture date:04 Jan. - 28 Dec. 2018 Start Time: Course A: 10:30 a.m. / 13:30 p.m. Assemble: Tokuju-ji(徳寿寺) by 10 min. before Tour Price: JPY 6,000 per person Course A     JPY 4,800 per person Course B Minimum participants required: 1 personCourse B: 10:30 a.m. / 13:30 p.m. / 15:30 p.m.Hiroshima City Drive Window CourseCourse ACourse BCourse AOPH1Itsukushima ShrineOPH3Maple Sky写真提供:広島県A-bomb DomeMiyajimaOkonomiyakiOPH2CalligraphyTea CeremonyMiyajima RopewayNTA would like to offer options to make your visit inHiroshima and Miyajima easier.Single Ticket Miyajima Night CruiseDeparture date: 04 Jan. - 28 Dec. 2018Assemble: at No.3 Pier in Miyajima Ferry TerminalPrice: JPY 1,900 per person (Adult), JPY1,000 per person (child)Minimum participants required: 1 personSingle Ticket Miyajima RopewayDeparture date: 04 Jan. - 28 Dec. 2018Departure Time: 08:30 a.m. - 17:30 p.m. (depends on the season)Price: JPY 2,200 per person (Adult), JPY1,100 per person (child)Minimum participants required: 1 personIncludedExchange voucher for Hiroden 1Day Pass / Lunch voucher at Okonomi-mura / Night cruise at Miyajima.A sightseeing course offering unique views from the top of a double-decker, open-air bus, with an unparalleled sense of freedom and openness. The bus also drives along the seaside Hiroshima Expressway, providing excellent views of the beauty of the Island Sea.Course AHiroshima castle, Atomic Bomb Dome, Peace Memorial Park, Atomic Bomb Ruins, Mazda StadiumHiroshima City Peace Memorial Park on-site Tour CourseCourse BHiroshima Castle, Atomic Bomb Dome, Peace Memorial Park, Mazda StadiumDeparture Date: Every Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, National HolidaysDeparture Time:       10:10,13:10,19:10              15:10         * Subject to ChangeAssemble: Hiroshima Station Shinkansen ExitTour Price:      & Course B JPY 2,500 per person (Adult) JPY 1,200 per person (child) * Subject to ChangeMinimum participants required: 1 personNoteCultural Experience at Okeiko Japan in MiyajimaMaple Sky Hiroshima City Cruising BusHIROSHIMA and MIYAJIMAHiroshima and Miyajima 1Day Tour Voucher

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