1Looking for an Excellent service with BEST Value?Looking for an Excellent service with BEST Value?Visit our E-mail to: stablished in 1905, Nippon Travel Agency has the longest history as a travel agent in Japan. The Internation-al Travel Division, officially started in 1961, offers interna-tional exchange services for travelers visiting Japan.Since then, Nippon Travel Agency hosts 150,000 incoming travelers a year,with customer satisfaction as top priority and offers the best quality products through full use of its network of 250 locations in Japan and overseas.TRANSFERPage 51-52JR SPECIAL PACKAGE TOURPage 53TRAVEL TERMS & CONDITIONSPage 54GROUP PLANPage 55-58NEW DESTINATIONPage 59-60RECOMMENDED NEW TOURSPage 61-68FESTIVALS & TRADE SHOWSPage 69NTA MICEPage 70INDEXGUIDED GROUP TOURSPage 3-4JAPAN VALUE PACK(JV)Page 5-9SELF GUIDED PACKAGES (JVS)Page 10-12EXCURSIONSPage 13-15GUIDED PRIVATE TOURS (M)Page 16-24OPTIONAL PLANPage 25-30ONLINE BOOKINGPage 31HOTEL DIRECTORYPage 32-42RYOKAN DIRECTORYPage 43-502018Travel KitTravel KitforforJapanJapan

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