B:Breakfast L:Lunch D:Dinner(TAKAMATSU, ITANO, IYA ONSEN, KOTOHIRA, DOGO ONSEN 7-DAYS)(TAKAMATSU, ITANO, IYA ONSEN, KOTOHIRA, DOGO ONSEN 7-DAYS)Guded Private ToursTAXITAXITAXITAXIiThe Island of Shikoku, consisting of 4 prefectures: Kagawa, Ehime, Kochi & Tokushima, is a famous destination for Japan with 88 temples pilgrimage on the route followed by the Buddhist of Shingon sect: Kukai in the 9th century.The tour to discover this region starts from Takamatsu, capital of Kagawa pref., offers their property of beautiful parks. Tour proceeds in depth to some experiences as a pilgrime visiting temples on foot and you will realize a stay at one of Shukubo. You do not miss the superb nature in the hidden scenic spot: Oboke & Iya Valley. Then Kotohira for sanctuary of Shinto, Kompira-san going up the 785 stairs. You must try their speciality noodles: UDON ! Finally journey to Matsuyama in Ehime pref. has reputation for its castle and hot springs of Dogo. This is also gateway to the Main Island of Japan via Hiroshima crossing the Seto Inland Sea by ferry.INCLUDEDHotel : Takamatsu (2nights), Itano (1night)Iya Onsen (1night), Kotohira (1night), Dogo Onsen (1night)Meal : Daily breakfast. Dinner except hotel in Takamatsu.Guide : Private guideTrain :Ordinary class reserved seat and local train(non-reserved)Others : Ferry Matsuyama - Hiroshima. Local transfer and admission feesLuggage : Takamatsu - Iya Onsen - Dogo Onsen (one item per person)NOT INCLUDED1. Insurance2. Airport tax 3. Beverages during dinnerHiroshimaHiroshimaDogo OnsenDogo OnsenRitsurin ParkDay2TAKAMATSU (B)Guided sightseeing in Takamatsu (9:00 - 17:00) using public transport. Ritsurin Park / Tamamo Park (the ruins of Takamatsu Castle).KyotoKyotoTakamatsuTakamatsuKotohiraKotohiraOsakaOsakaKansaiKansaiAirportAirportItanoItanoIya OnsenIya OnsenStay at JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu or similarTAKAMATSUStay at JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu or similarDay3TAKAMATSU - ITANO (B/D)ITANOYour main suitcase will be transferred directly from Takamatsu to Iya Onsen. Please leave your main suitcase with the porter / bell desk by 7:30AM. You travel with just an overnight bag for your night in Itano.Transfer to Itano by express train with your guide. (Travel Time 60min.) Walking tour, part of 88 temples. Ryozenji / Gokurakuji / Konsenji Shojin Ryori (Monk's dinner) at Temple.After dinner, evening ceremony.Day4ITANO - IYA ONSEN (B/D)Breakfast at Temple. Transfer to Iya Onsen with your guide. Transfer to Kamojima by taxi,  Kamojima to Oboke by express train.  (Travel Time 100min.) Sightseeing in Oboke Gorges, Iya valley area by taxi.Dinner at your ryokan.Stay at Hotel Kazurabashi or similarDay5IYA - KOTOHIRA (B/D)KOTOHIRAYour main suitcase will be transferred directly from Iya to Dogo Onsen. Please leave your main suitcase with the porter / bell desk by 7:30AM. You travel with just an overnight bag for your night in Kotohira.Breakfast at your ryokan.Transfer to Kotohira by express train with your guide. (Travel Time 40min.) Visit Kompira-san. Dinner at your ryokan.Day6KOTOHIRA - DOGO ONSEN (B/D)Breakfast at your ryokan.Transfer to Dogo Onsen by train with your guide. (Travel Time 170min.) Walking tour in Matsuyama and Dogo Onsen. Matsuyama castle / rickshaw riding Dinner at your ryokan.Day7DOGO ONSEN - HIROSHIMA (B) Breakfast at your ryokan. Transfer to Matsuyama port by public transport. Matsuyama to Hiroshima by ferry with your guide. (Travel Time 60min.) Tour disbands in Hiroshima (sightseeing in Hiroshima is not included). Iya Hot SpringStay at Anrakuji Temple(Shukubo) or similarIYA ONSENStay at Yamatoya Honten or similar2 Adults(Twin)¥480,0003 Adults(Triple)¥396,000The hot spring located upstream of the Iya Gorge.The Hotel Iya Onsen stands on a cliff overlooking the gorge. The open-air bath is at the bottom of the gorge approxiamately 170 meter down from the hotel , you must take cable car down the steep cliff at a sharp angle of inclination which offers beautiful view along the way.4 Adults(2twin) ¥347,000CODEM-5Rates are per person/package. ACCOMMODATIONTAKAMATSUStay at Koubaitei or similarDOGO ONSENKotohiraguDogo Onsen23HOTEL KAZURABASHIKOUBAITEI KOTOHIRAGRAND HOTELTOUR PRICESITINERARYDay1OSAKA (ARRIVAL) OR KYOTO- TAKAMATSU Arrive at Kansai International Airport or hotel in Kyoto. You will be met by your guide who will travel with you throughout Hiroshima. Transfer to Takamatsu by bullet and express train.ROUTE MAPROUTE MAPMYSTERIOUS PILGRIMAGEMYSTERIOUS PILGRIMAGE

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