B:Breakfast L:Lunch D:DinnersruoT etavirP deduGBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSiAkihabara/©Yasufumi Nishi/©JNTOMatsumoto Castle/©Nagano Prefecture/©JNTOKyoto/©Y.Shimizu/©JNTOYou have probably heard about Tsumago & Magome, but not well known because of its location in Kiso Valley of Nagano, the most mountainous terrain in Japan. These old post towns on the former road connecting Tokyo and Kyoto in the Edo period are protected and preserved with attractive walking trails.The tour starts from Tokyo to Kyoto through by Nagano just like this old arterial NAKASENDO path swing by the city Matsumoto where you will find one of the famous castles built in the 16 century and declared as National Treasure.Please take this opportunity and enjoy the journey of the historical and beautiful thickly forested sites of Japan MatsumotoTsumagoOsakaOsakaKansai AirportKansai AirportMatsumotoMatsumotoTsumagoTsumagoMagomeMagomeTokyoTokyoNarita Narita AirportAirportKyotoKyotoHaneda AirportNagoyaNagoyaTsumagoINCLUDEDHotel : Tokyo (2nights), Matsumoto (1night)Tsumago (2nights) : Minshuku (Japanese room without bath and toilet)Kyoto (2nights)Meal : 2 times dinner and breakfast at TsumagoGuide : Private guide for Day 2 - 5 and Day 7.Assistant at Airport for Day 1, Assistant at Kyoto Station for Day 6.Train : Ordinary class reserved seat for Tokyo to Matsumoto, Matsumoto to Nakatsugawa to KyotoOthers : Airport bus from Airport to Tokyo. Airport shuttle van from Kyoto to KIX. Local transfer and admission fees (when with guide) .Luggage: Tokyo-Kyoto(one item per person)BREAKFAST SUPPLEMENT Per person / packageStandard ¥13,800 Superior ¥11,800 Deluxe ¥21,700 Standard &Superior & DeluxeStandard & SuperiorDeluxeTOUR PRICESHotel1 AdultStandardSuperiorDeluxeITINERARYDay1TOKYO (ARRIVAL)Arrive at Narita (Narita International Airport) or Haneda (Tokyo International Airport).You will be met by a NTA representative and helped to board an airport bus.Transfer to hotel by bus. (Travel Time 90min.)Day2TOKYO (CITY TOUR)Guided sightseeing in Tokyo (9:00-17:00) using public transport.You can select your itinerary, see suggested routes on page 16.Day3TOKYO - MATSUMOTOTransfer to Matsumoto with your guide.Shinjuku to Matsumoto by JR express train (Travel Time 150min.)Sightseeing in Matsumoto using public transport.Matsumoto Castle / Matsumoto City Museum of ArtDay4MATSUMOTO - MAGOME - TSUMAGO (D)Transfer to Tsumago with your guide.Matsumoto to Nakatsugawa by express train , Nakatsugawa to Magome by local bus (Travel Time 110min.)Tour of Magome with your guide on Old Nakasendo path. Transfer to Tsumago on foot or local bus.Stay overnight at a Minshuku (small traditional Japanese house) in Tsumago.Dinner at MinshukuDay5TSUMAGO (B/D)Breakfast at Minshuku.Tour of Tsumago with your guide on Old Nakasendo path.Day6TSUMAGO - KYOTO (B)Breakfast at Minshuku.Transfer to Nagoya with your guide.Transfer to Nagiso by local bus , Nagiso to Nakatsugawa by local train , Nakatsugawa to Nagoya by express train (Travel Time 100min.)Transfer from Nagoya to Kyoto by yourself.Nagoya - Kyoto by bullet train (Travel Time 45min.)Upon arrival at Kyoto Station, you will be met by an English speaking assistant.Transfer to your hotel with the assistant.Day7KYOTO (CITY TOUR)Guided sightseeing tour of Kyoto (9:00-17:00) using public transport.You can select your itinerary, see suggested routes on page 16.Day8KYOTO - OSAKA (DEPARTURE)Transfer to Kansai International Airport by airport shuttle van. (Travel Time 90min)Kisoji - Tsumago, Magome4 Adults(2twin) single extra¥47,000 ¥55,000 ¥79,000 CODEM-6Rates are per person/package. TOKYOMATSUMOTOTSUMAGOTSUMAGOKYOTOKYOTOMagomeHigh seasonLow season¥602,000 ¥627,000 ¥355,000 ¥369,000 ¥288,000 ¥302,000 ¥254,000 ¥269,000 ¥622,000 ¥642,000 ¥367,000 ¥379,000 ¥301,000 ¥312,000 ¥267,000 ¥278,000 ¥694,000 ¥712,000 ¥412,000 ¥421,000 ¥344,000 ¥353,000 ¥310,000 ¥319,000 2 Adults(Twin)Low seasonHigh seasonAccommodations in Matsumoto and TsumagoHOTEL BUENA-VISTAMatsumoto Tokyu REI Hotel or Hotel KagetsuHotel Buena VistaHanaya (Minshuku) (without toilet and bath)MATSUMOTO HOTELKAGETSU3 Adults(Triple)Low seasonHigh seasonLow seasonHigh seasonLow seasonHigh season¥58,000 ¥63,000 ¥88,000 * For child's discount, we can reduce JPY15,100 for Standard & Superior, and JPY 13,000 for Deluxe category.Low Season: Arriving in Jan., Feb., Jun., Jul., Sep., Dec. / High Season: Arriving in Mar., Apr., May, Aug., Oct., Nov.ACCOMMODATIONTOKYOKisoji is a part of Nakasendo Road, road connecting Edo (present day Tokyo) and Kyoto for 530km. Tsumago and Magome are the Stage-Towns on this road. Various elements such as historical, cultural, and natural sights including folklore are inherited along this road, which acts as a mediation between generation.20ROUTE MAPROUTE MAPBACK TO EDO - FEEL JAPAN 1700'S A.D.BACK TO EDO - FEEL JAPAN 1700'S A.D.(TOKYO, MATSUMOTO, TSUMAGO, MAGOME, KYOTO 8-DAYS)(TOKYO, MATSUMOTO, TSUMAGO, MAGOME, KYOTO 8-DAYS)

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