¥137,500B:Breakfast L:Lunch D:Dinner¥222,200= AkamizuStay at Aso Farm Village or similarSelf Guded PackagesBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSJapanese trains are not only fast and accurate, there are many unique trains on which you can enjoy the scenic sights of Kyushu as you travel from Onsen to Onsen.INCLUDEDTrain : Ordinary class ticket, reserved seat on express train Bus : Nobeoka - Takachiho - Nobeoka, Kumamoto - Akamizu, Aso - Asozan Nishi - AsoRopeway : Asozan Nishi - Kakou Nishi - Asozan NishiHotel : Beppu(1night), Takachiho(1night), Ibusuki(1night), Hitoyoshi(1night), Aso(1night)Meal : 5Breakfast, 5Dinner (Beverage excluded) Others : Applicable hotel taxes and service charges,English speaking assistant at Fukuoka Airport or Hakata station*Tickets will be provided on arrival at Fukuoka The view from Shimpei windowShimpei11HakataHakataFukuokaFukuokaAirportAirportBeppuBeppuOitaTakachihoNobeokaAsoKumamotoMiyazakiHitoyoshiOnsenKagoshimaChuoIbusukiOnsenSonic Express©Akimasa Yuasa/©JNTOKumamoto CastleMt.AsoLimited ExpressAsoboy!Day2BEPPU-TAKACHIHO (B/D)Beppu Local train Oita Nichirin Nobeoka =====  Local bus ===== TakachihoStay at Hotel Takachiho or similarDay3TAKACHIHO-IBUSUKI (B/D)IBUSUKI ONSENTakachiho == Local bus== Nobeoka Nichirin Miyazaki      Kirishima   Kagoshima Chuo    Local train   IbusukiStay at Hakusuikan or similarDay4IBUSUKI-HITOYOSHI (B/D)Ibusuki   Ibusuki no Tamatebako Kagoshima Chuo Hayato no Kaze Yoshimatsu Shimpei Hitoyoshi Stay at Ayunosato or similarDay5HITOYOSHI-ASO (B/D)Hitoyoshi   Shimpei・・・・・・・・・ (Visit Kumamoto Castle by yourself)・・・・・・・・・・・Kumamoto = Local bus=Day6ASO-FUKUOKA AIRPORT(DEPARTURE)(B)Akamizu   Local train Aso === Local bus===== Asozan Nishi ~~<Ropeway>~~Kakou Nishi・・・・・・・Mt. Aso・・・・・Kakou Nishi ~~<Ropeway>~~ Asozan Nishi=  Local bus=Aso Asoboy! Kumamoto Kyushu Shinkansen Hakata=Fukuoka Airport©Kagoshima Prefectural Tourist Federation/©JNTOIbusuki sand bathTwinFukuoka Airport= Hakata Sonic Express  BeppuStay at Hotel Shiragiku or similarTriple¥209,000Child ( 6-11 years )CODEJVS-3Rates are per person/package.ACCOMMODATIONBEPPU ONSENTAKACHIHOHITOYOSHI ONSENASO AKAMIZU ONSENDay2Kagura Dance20:00-21:00At Takachiho ShrineJPY500 (Pay on the spot)Its impressive dignity and elegance will become emblematic of Kyushu. The latest cabin is unique in its reflection of the traditional craftsmanship of Kyushu.The train runs through the caldera of Mt. Aso. The furnishings bring to mind a delightful toy box, pleasant for both kids and adults. The trainʼs name comes from the legend of an undersea kingdom called Ryugu. Enjoy a one-hour coastal journey with grand views of Sakurajima Island and Kinko Bay. iTOUR PRICESITINERARYDay1FUKUOKA AIRPORT-BEPPU (ARRIVAL)(D)ROUTE MAPROUTE MAPKyushu ShinkansenIbusuki no Tamatebako6-DAYSEXPLORE KYUSHU BY UNIQUE RAIL6-DAYSEXPLORE KYUSHU BY UNIQUE RAIL

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